Americans Have No Skin In The Game

The Democrat debate was not a debate at all. It was a giveaway forum, where the candidates took the stage to spell out there plans to give free stuff to people who didn’t earn it. It was really no different than any other staged democrat function, whether it’s a debate or a State of the Union.
Brent Smith
The candidates, mainly Hillary and Bernie laid out everything from free healthcare, to more social security benefits, to free childcare, free college, free/paid family leave and Hillary added free benefits for all illegals.
People should be outraged by democrats proposing that our tax dollars just be given away to anyone with their hand out. And frankly most don’t even have their hands out. Most people, I think, are not necessarily expecting to just be given a free college education. I don’t even think illegals are expecting the benefits that citizens receive – but if someone is going to offer, I’m sure they’ll take it.
Hillary says the rich will pay for all these free goodies. Of course anyone with a brain knows the rich don’t have that kind of money. But then, the ones with a brain will not be voting democrat.
To put this freebie nonsense into perspective, this year’s budget deficit is over $550 billion. In other words, we will spend $550 billion more than we take in. And that doesn’t account for any of the crap the candidates want to add on, which would more than likely push the deficit back above $1 trillion.
But Hillary claims the rich can cover it.
It’s well known that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the two richest people in America.  Gates is worth about $80 billion and Buffett around $67 billion. Even if we confiscated every dime they have, $147 billion, it wouldn’t even get close to paying this current single-year deficit of $550 billion, much less the add-ons the democrats suggest.
And even if all Americas wealthy were able to pay for the deficit this year, which they can’t, what do we do when next year rolls around? We have no more “rich” left to take from. Remember – we confiscated all their money last year!
So why aren’t regular taxpayers more up in arms over these wacky spending proposals? Sure a lot of people don’t know these facts – but even if they did, why have we not had a revolt against excessive taxing and spending.
Well, phony deficit spending helps. It’s like running up a credit card with no limit; you never have to pay back. But there’s something else. American taxpayers don’t really have a stake in our tax and spend economy. They don’t really feel they have skin in the game.
But, that doesn’t make sense. After all – we taxpayers are who fund a lot of this spending. That’s true, but we don’t feel overburdened, because we never see that money anyway.
Most people earn a living the old fashioned way. We go to work and receive and wage for it. There in lies the problem. The paycheck we receive shows only our net income. We don’t see, or often don’t look at all the money being withheld. It’s as if we treat that money as not ours in the first place.
And it’s because of this “withholding,” that people don’t feel the pinch of income taxes. If we were made to pay our taxes by writing a quarterly check to the government, things would change rapidly. There was a time when this was done.
The only way to wake people up is to rid ourselves of a withholding tax of any kind. That will at least get the taxpayers back into the game. 
Hopefully tomorrow, God willing and the creek don’t rise; I will delve into the history of the income tax and the dreaded withholding. It’s much more interesting than it sounds!
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