Doctor Says It’s Our Way or the Highway

You may not have ever heard of the company Supreme Greens,
or the product by the same name. It is advertised as a “a powerful Mega-Food formulation of organically grown grasses and vegetables, sprouted grains, blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs, and antioxidants synergistically blended with MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane).
Brent Smith
Well, the Company and its owner Alex Guerrero are under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for claims in can cure cancer and concussions, amongst other things.
So what, you may say. There are lots of bogus products on the market. What makes this one different?
Well, really nothing, except the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, Tom Brady, is not only a client but a business partner of Gurrero’s at Brady’s SportsTherapyCenter, TB12.
Yesterday morning while driving to my office, I was listening to aBoston sports radio morning show called Dennis & Callahan. Although Brady is not involved in this FTC investigation (sorry all you Brady haters), it’s obviously news. Up here, if Brady sneezes, it’s news.
The FTC got involved after Guerrero produced an infomercial claiming his product produced some miraculous results. At hisCalifornia clinic, “He said he’d conducted ‘clinical studies’ of 200 patients who’d been diagnosed as terminally ill. They were suffering from ailments such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. And eight years later, all but eight had survived.”
Enter a guest of the morning show, Dr. Barrie Cassileth. Dr. Cassileth has a PhD in medical sociology and founded the Integrative Medicine Service at MemorialSloanKetteringCancerCenter. She’s helping the FTC investigate Alex Guerrero and his company Supreme Greens.
She told the Dennis & Callahan Radio show that she got involved in the Guerrero case because, “I have been working most of my career, which is quite lengthy, to not only help cancer patients and provide useful services, but also to get rid of scam approaches, which abound, and this is simply one of them.” She explained that this industry of miracle cures is a $40 billion business “in totally useless scam products.”
Cassileth said her real complaint about Guerrero, and others like him, is the danger to the patient. She explains that patients may say to themselves – maybe I’ll try one of these plant products instead of going in for a traditional cancer treatment and see how that goes first.
She explains that “in the end, things don’t go well, because as the individual is using one of the useless products…the cancer keeps growing. And it’s therefore deadly.” She adds that, “In a way, this is sort of a murderous operation.”
Now so far the doctor seems reasonable, until one of the hosts, Gerry Callahan, who is conservative, begins delving a bit deeper. His first question to her is, “If someone takes this [Supreme Greens] and still does chemo, is there any harm done?”
Her answer is, “that’s another issue.” Huh? Anyway, she continues by saying that cancer these days is very treatable – very curable. The percentage of people cured through contemporary, conventional cancer therapy is quite high. I certainly agree with that.
But then Callahan brought up a good point. He said that he was not defending Guerrero, “but he [Guerrero] did say he was dealing with terminal patients.” Well, that’s a very good point. Being terminal does pretty much mean you’re done – right?
She then asked: “And how on Earth would he [Guerrero] know,” they were terminal. Callahan answered the patient would tell Guerrero.
The doctor’s answer got a bit more snippy, as she snapped back, “Uh, no – that is never said,” to which Callahan fired back, “of course it is… what if someone said they have pancreatic cancer – isn’t that terminal?”
Then she finally begins to reveal her true leftist/statist colors. She tells him, regarding that type of cancer, “that the expectation of living a long life is very minor,” and the patients normally live for about a year after being diagnosed.
Well, is that not the definition of TERMINAL! Just because she chooses not to say the “T” word, doesn’t change the diagnosis. You may flower-it up all you like, but it is still a death sentence. And if you received a terminal diagnosis, you wouldn’t try just about anything? Why not? At that point, you have very little to lose.
She tells the hosts that what Guerrero is doing is absolutely illegal, “but more than that, it is cruel, and it’s not right.” Again – he said he was working with terminal patients!
Her closing statement, as it was, is the most telling. She says that sometimes people who appear to be pretty smart are also so frightened that they may go off seeking treatment “in a bazaar direction – that they don’t know the difference between an absurd promise” and conventional care. Translation: you’re too stupid and scared to know what’s good for you. You must relinquish that decision making to us.
She didn’t say, but by her tone, and what she previously stated, it’s obvious she and others like her wish to be the sole arbiters of patient care. This is statist thinking at its core. We’re the “professionals,” so you will listen and do what we say. We’re never wrong. This is the care we say is best for you, so it’s the only care you will receive. Anything unconventional, or beyond the realm of our control will not be allowed.
This Supreme Greens stuff may indeed be crap snake oil, but if I’m terminal, shouldn’t it be my decision to try it?
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