An Ode to Conservative Media

Lacking only dancing girls and elephant tricks, Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Congressional Committee on Benghazi proved to be quite a show. From the sidelines, we gawked as Representative Jim Jordan displayed Madam Secretary’s email sent just moments after the Benghazi attack. In writing, she specifically asserted the savage murder of four Americans was an act of terror, stating, “Two officers were killed today in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group.” The rest of us were told the attack, which killed our Libyan Ambassador and three heroic Americans, was the result of an obscure video no one had ever seen.

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So Hillary Clinton lied, as did Susan Rice as she appeared on five separate Sunday TV talk shows. Never one to be scalded by his contempt for the American people, Mr. Obama also lied as he perpetuated the same ridiculous fairy tale.

USA Today headlined the hearings as producing ” no smoking gun.” Are they kidding? Mrs. Clinton’s emails specifically stated she was aware that the attack on our embassy in Benghazi was “an act of terror.”Kaboom! – there’s your smoking gun.

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Unsurprisingly, USA Today and virtually all of the mainstream media shrugged off obvious lies and discarded the proof. Here again, we witnessed Mrs. Clinton’s long history of obfuscation, lies and self-enrichment with an obedient mainstream media kneeling in her defense.

If character mattered, one would think Clinton’s followers would abandon this ship, but since Clinton’s “performance,” her star seems to have risen. The Democratic party has relegated character to the ash heap of history. Those still clinging to the truth are reviled and insulted.

Yet hope does spring eternal, particularly through the auspices of your radio and the pages of print and online conservative reporting and commentary. For although much of the old media may support and defend Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic party, we are lucky to live in a time when they do not own the final word.

The Democratic party has relegated character to the ash heap of history.

Merely two decades ago, the vast majority of our information was disseminated from a 22-minute nightly newscast on the three television networks, the old print daily publications. Typically slanted left and only occasionally allowing for a small quota of conservative writers, yesterday’s media protected the Democratic party’s image with gusto. They still do today, but their impact has shrunk because a large seething silent majority rejects their bias.

We live in a society in which government lies are more often exposed than buried thanks to Ronald Reagan’s elimination of the “fairness doctrine.” That insane FCC statue directly defied our First Amendment right of free speech, forcing broadcasters to provide equal air-time for differing viewpoints; a nearly impossible task. With radio stations free to offer programming without fear of bureaucratic interference, Rush Limbaugh, the “Godfather” of daily conservative talk radio, emerged. Intelligent and studied, Mr. Limbaugh provided the first national slap-down of tired liberal drivel. Armed with historical and present-day facts and a daily dose of reality, his midday talk show showered the listener with common sense, insight and answers. Opening the phone bank to his nationwide audience, pent-up frustrated listeners also had their voices heard. After nearly 30 years, Limbaugh continues to dominate the airwaves along with other great talents following in the path he so brilliantly paved. Many of their names are like neighborhood friends; familiar and welcome. Hannity, Levin, Beck, Savage; all with fight in their voice and passion in their hearts as they rail against the debilitating hell of liberalism.

The Internet opened the door to many news sites (including this one) providing an important and much needed forum for conservative writers and pundits. Today, there are millions of followers. Names like Breitbart and Drudge are as familiar as our home street address. We have the freedom of Twitter, which provides for instantaneous commentary in which no subject is sacred. Conservative hosts on the FOX News Channel vastly outrank their distant competitors and the Wall Street Journal remains a vibrant force in print.

Arrogant bureaucrats have been put on notice. They may skate by temporarily, but tomorrow is another day. Conservative media is alive, growing and healthy. Without it, who would be around to challenge the next pack of lies?

William Pollack is a multiple radio, TV and movie theater owner based in Memphis, TN.

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