Another Reason To Feel Good About November: Party Affiliation Trends

Via Rasmussen, here are the: party affiliation numbers from the last four elections and the current numbers for this year. See if you can spot a trend.

Nov 2004 (Bush Won) (R) 37.1%, (D) 38.6%, (I) 24.3%

Nov 2006 (Big Dem Year) (R) 31.4%, (D) 37.5%, (I) 31.2%

Nov 2008 (Big Dem Year) (R) 33.8%, (D) 41.4%, (I) 24.7%

Nov 2010 (Historic GOP Year) (R) 36.0%, (D) 34.7%, (I) 29.3%

Aug 2012 (Unknown) (R) 37.6%, (D)33.3%, (I) 29.2%

Let’s see: We have the highest Republican party affiliation yet, the lowest Democrat party affiliation yet, and a bigger party affiliation lead than the GOP had in 2010 when we had the best year in half a century. Will these numbers hold up? We can’t say for sure, but the numbers look almost as good as they possibly can right now.

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