What Happens If Obama Wins A 2nd Term? Probably 4 More Years Of Gridlock

Here’s the Obama line on what happens if he’s reelected.

If Barack Obama wins re-election, Republicans will accept the fruitlessness of strategic obstruction. Unencumbered by the imperative to defeat Obama, who will be a lame duck president anyhow, they will begin to work with him on matters of urgent importance to the country.

That’s the White House’s operating theory, anyhow. In their words, the GOP’s fever will break. Or, as Obama himself recently put it, the “blister” will pop, and a new birth of good will will ooze forth into our politics.

On the other hand,

If Obama wins, his ability to govern will “depend on whether Obama has an epiphany,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Huffington Post last week.

McConnell is right. Let me tell you why.

#1) Mitt essentially won the GOP primary by outspending and outmaneuvering his opponents, but conservatives didn’t rally around him until the end when they concluded there were no other viable candidates. So, if Mitt Romney loses, the first conclusion conservatives will reach is that we should have been MORE CONSERVATIVE, not LESS CONSERVATIVE.

#2) Republicans genuinely disagree with Barack Obama. They’re conservative; he’s liberal. They’re capitalists and he’s a socialist. They’re socially conservative and he’s socially liberal. When you consider that and the fact that he has shown almost no inclination to compromise, there’s not much to agree on.

#3) The 2010 elections were essentially the American voters screaming “Stop Barack Obama’s agenda” as loudly as they possibly could. If Obama wins in 2012, the conclusion isn’t going to be that the voters have changed their minds; it’ll be that they don’t like Mitt.

#4) The Tea Party is still proving to be an effective force in Republican primaries. Just ask Richard Lugar and David Dewhurst. Republicans who move to the Left to work with Obama would have to risk their jobs to do so.

So, if Obama were to win? Expect four more years of gridlock unless he: “has an epiphany”and becomes a lot more like Bill Clinton and a lot less like Jimmy Carter.

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