Can Israel become Energy Independent?

It’s been reported recently that Israel has made the discovery of a lifetime. They’ve discovered a massive oil field in their Golan Heights territory.
Israel reportedly consumes about 270,000 barrels of oil per day, although other estimates put consumption far lower at around 190,000 barrels. That’s somewhere between 70 and 100 million per year. The Golan discovery is said to possibly be in the billions of barrels. This find alone could make Israel energy independent for decades.
Brent Smith
This is the first potentially commercially viable oil source it’s ever had since its founding. Until this discovery, Israeli companies have drilled some 350 exploratory wells – not one has been viable.
To demonstrate just how significant this find may be – the average depth or thickness of layers of underground oil deposits is around 30-35 meters. This find is estimated to be 350 meters thick – 10 times the norm.
What is yet to be determined is whether the oil can be extracted at a reasonable enough price to be viable. And that’s a big if, considering how the price of oil worldwide has cratered in the past several months.
Naturally, as in America and the rest of the West, environmentalist wackos have involved themselves; doing everything they can to halt the progress of discovery.
We here in the States know all too well how the powerful environmental lobby can muck things up for the energy sector, but we have it relatively easy compared to Israel. We don’t have hostile nations on our border to content with – only our own hostile government.
There is the problem of security. We don’t have the nations ofLebanon and Syria constantly breathing down our necks, not to mention all the terrorist factions that operate on the border of the three nations.
And then there is the U.N., and frankly the rest of Jew-hating world who still claims the Golan Heights as occupied territory, or at minimum, disputed land. Many nations, all who hate Israel, insist the Heights are Syrian. So who’s right?
Well, after being attacked by Syria and Egypt, Israel pounded the crap out of them in the 6 Day War, beat them back and took theGolan Heights. The Golan Heights has been part of Israel since 1967 – 48 years ago – but somehow Syria, who attacked Israel, still thinks it has claim to the land. As stated, the U.N. insists it’s part ofSyria. Heck even on a map, the border of Syria and the Golan Heights is denoted with hash marks – not the typical solid lines which indicates a nations borders. Google it and see for yourself. Better yet, here you go.,34.9120661,8z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x151ea86dae7bdc5f:0xe12ffe365d6c370a For almost 50 yearsIsrael has had to put up with this.
Now juxtapose the state of Texas with this Middle East nonsense.  After having our butts kicked at the Alamo, Texas was finally taken from Mexico by Sam Houston and declared independent in 1836. It became a state in 1845 – a mere 9 years later. Other than a few radical groups like La Raza, no one is disputing that Texas is part of the United States.
So after just nine years, Texas becomes part of America, yet almost 50 years on, and Israel still has to put up with this “OccupiedTerritory” crap?
Coincidentally (or not), over the past several months, going back to the beginning of this year, Hezbollah, the terrorist group backed by Iran and Syria has edged closer to the border of the Golan. They, as well as al-Qaeda have conducted operations in the region for years.
But this is a switch for them. For years, Syria has kept their border with Israel (the Golan Heights) relatively quiet, preferring instead to have terrorists operate against Israel out of Lebanon. But now that’s changed. Lebanon has gone relatively quiet (not quiet – just relatively), and Syria has given the green light for terrorists like Hezbollah, to begin operations along their border with Israel. This change in tactics has been masked somewhat due to fighting of the Syrian “Civil” war.
So while Israel is busy trying to develop its first domestic oil source, right across the border, in Syria, is an over abundance of bad guys, from Hezbollah to a rejuvenating  al-Qaeda, to ISIS, the Syrian rebels (who really knows who those guys are), to Assad himself, who would either love to take the oil fields, or, as terrorists do, sabotage them.
And now Russia has stepped in, backing Iran and Assad’s Syria, thus, by extension, supporting the terrorists. What if Putin, who would like to be the world’s energy Czar, decides he would likeIsrael’s new oil discovery. What then? Would Israel use its nuclear deterrent? Would the U.S. step in? Doubtful, but who knows. I do know the world doesn’t need yet another complication over there. 
Other than that, I guess time will tell.
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