Don’t Be Intimidated Into Silence

This morning Glenn Beck said his security analyst and former CIA officer Buck Sexton at the Blaze confirmed that Homeland Security held the official release of San Bernardino radical Syed Farook’s name for several hours to give enough time for the terrorist’s family along with Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR to hold a press conference.
Brent Smith
I published Farook’s name around 8:30 PM on the night of the shooting – although I had it backwards and spelled slightly different. At the time I called him Farooq Saeed, but that’s to be expected considering how rapidly reports were coming out at the time.
But just imagine our government doing something like this for any other religion. Imagine some radicalized Baptist shooting up a government facility and our president instructing authorities not to release the name until the Westboro Baptists had readied a prepared public statement. The press would go insane with rage, as well they should.
We must be well aware by now, our president has a certain kinship toward Muslims, radical or not. Let me reiterate. Obama is not a Muslim. As Ted Cruz said just 2 days ago: “Obama is an unmitigated socialist who won’t stand up and defend the United States of America.”
Here, here! But being a socialist still doesn’t explain why he seemingly won’t defend America, or why he has an evident tolerance of and kinship toward Islam. This can only be explained by his fervent anti-colonialism. He, like many Muslims, still and will always resent the white western Europeans’ colonization of the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. He is the living embodiment of his anti-colonialist father and others like Reverend Wright.
He received these warped ideals from his Father, as he explains in his book, “Dreams From My Father.” Although he would never say, this is the reason why he is promoting the “colonization” of Americaby masses of Muslim immigrants – as well as every other kind of “put-upon” immigrant. To him it is merely what was good for the colonial goose is now good for the gander. It’s also the reason he refuses to allow Syrian Christians in. It’s just payback – pure and simple.
Beyond that, I don’t believe he has any comprehension of the real consequences of his actions. He, like many activists, is blinded by his ideology. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he is playing right into the radical Islamists hands. They are playing our leaders like the fools they are. Through political correctness we are doing exactly what the Islamists want and expect, although, when they hatched “the Project” back in 1982, they certainly couldn’t have dreamed of the assistance they are now receiving from a president of the United States.
Take for example, Farook’s neighbor who wanted to report suspicious activity, but didn’t for fear of being labeled intolerant or a racist. This was part of Mohammed Akram’s “Explanatory Memorandum” strategy to “sweep away the West’s freedom of speech.”
It appears they have been successful, as the public fears freely speaking out against them.
And this dovetails directly with the now infamous “Clock Boy” incident.
I said the “Clock Boy” episode was a set up from word go. It was set up as a dry run to see how people might react to such a device. Some reacted predictably out of fear, so must be taught a lesson. The “Clock Boy” camp is suing the detractors into silence to the tune of $15 million – a heavy price to pay for speaking out. Others, like Obama, reacted properly by welcoming him to the White House. It all comes down to adjustments in strategy. Watch how people react and adjust to accommodate it.
And that leads back to the latest mass shooting incident. Recall that the neighbor also mentioned several men coming and going. They are no doubt part of this cell (or whatever it is). To my knowledge no one knows who they are and none have been captured. I would not be at all surprised if we later learn (hopefully) they were observing the reaction of the authorities and noting response times, standard manpower movements and tactics, so they may adjust their own strategy for the next attack. That’s certainly what I would do.
We are under attack, whether we choose to admit it just yet or not. We are also being tested – more often than we know. By constantly poking us, maybe just acting suspiciously in public, the enemy can better predict any potential reaction prior to a real terror attack and thus gauge the likelihood of success or failure. 
Be vigilant, and regardless of your fear, if you see or hear something, say something. At this point, nothing is inconsequential.
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