Fear the Swastika – Except in New York

A few days ago I wrote my opinion regarding the “racial strife” at theUniversity of Missourihttp://commonconstitutionalist.com/current-events/social-justice-warriors-invade-a-university/ Much to my disappointment, but not surprise, the president and the Chancellor of the University have both been forced to resign. Let me rephrase. Both men knuckled under the pressure of their own white liberal guilt. Their collective attempts to apologize were always doomed to fail, for this is what the anarchists want. The real organizers of these protests – not innocent and oppressed students, but George Soros funded outsiders – don’t really want a solution. They want chaos. They need chaos to facilitate the complete breakdown of present American civil society.
Brent Smith
On the other hand, the weak-minded wimps that blindly follow these agitators are not really to blame for they are just that – weak-minded followers who glom onto any high-minded cause, just so that they may feel included – in effect, give their other wise hollow lives some meaning. And what better cause than racial and social justice. They have been conditioned to fear and follow.
And so it was, that fear and panic ensued when a swastika was discovered painted (using feces) on the bathroom wall of one the dorms on campus. It was said this was an affront to every person of minority heritage, despite the fact it wasn’t.
I would not be shocked to find that a few weak-kneed liberals were forced into therapy upon hearing of the incident, much less being subjected to personal witness of the horror of the stinky swastika.
But, it could be worse. These kids could have grown up in the 1930s; along side a tiny town on Long Island called Yaphank – a mere 60 miles outside New York City.
Back prior to World War II many liberals were great fans of fascism (much as they are again today), and both Hitler and especially Mussolini were very popular, almost icons amongst the liberal academic elite – most having no problem with Nazism, or National Socialism. Some of our liberal leaders were even pen-pals with the fascist leaders.
Yet nowhere in America was Nazism more celebrated than in Yaphank, a town that idolized the Third Reich.
Within the town of Yaphank was the neighborhood known asGerman Gardens. Here American Nazis and their Aryan offspring lived on avenues such as Goebbels Street (now Northside Ave.), or a prime location like at the corner of Goering (now Oak Street) andAdolf Hitler Street (now Park Street). Location, location, location! A couple of street names still remain, such as German Boulevard andBohle Road, named after Nazi War criminal, SS Lieutenant General Ernst Wilhelm Bohle.
In the summer these American Nazis would attend summer (indoctrination) camp at Camp Siegfried, owned and run by the German-American Bund (GAB) and the German-American Settlement League (GASL). Ahhh…Camp Siegfried, with its sprawling lawns and hedges trimmed in the shape of swastikas. Yep, you read that right. They were big and bold and on display for all to see – and not made of feces. Campers took part in fun activities, like parades, where they got to dress up as SS Storm Troopers and march behind large flags displaying the symbol of the Nazi party. It was fun for all ages!
There was even a specific train called the “Camp Siegfried Special” that ran from New York’s Penn Station direct to Yaphank to bring “Guests” to the camp.
However, the camp was exclusive. Not everyone was welcome. One had to be a member of the GAB.  http://untappedcities.com/2015/04/02/this-former-nazi-town-on-long-island-with-adolf-hitler-street-still-exists/ “To be a member of the German-American Bund, one had to be “Aryan,” with a mission of uniting “similar” people. Indeed, brochures for Camp Siegfried promised: ‘You will meet people who think like you.’”
Huh – people who thing like you. Sounds a bit like Black Lives Matter or the Occupy Movement. Don’t they also have parades, or at least march around a lot?
The more I think about it, these professional out-of-town agitators who swoop in and stir up trouble where there is none, or very little, sound less like oppressed minorities and more like Nazis, with their bullying tactics, their marches, their chants and their sloganeering. 
The black students at MU aren’t being abused by the college as much as being indoctrinated like so many Hitler Youth by hard line black militant activists. Maybe they can request Obama grant them funding for their own Camp Siegfried, where they can march around behind banners of Michael Brown and chant “Hands Up – Don’t’ Shoot!”
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