Fighting Biblical Illiteracy In Hispanic Communities

In a story not told by the mainstream media, ministries have launched efforts to eliminate biblical illiteracy among the Hispanic-American community.

A study recently conducted by Barna Hispanics, which has been featured on: Inspiration Ministries, 87 percent of Hispanics own a Bible, yet only 8 percent are reading it regularly or allowing it to inform their worldview.

Ronn Torossian

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the NHCLC, said, “Hispanics stand recognized as people of faith and family. Yet it behooves us to similarly stand recognized as ‘People of the Word.’ Without daily engagement of God’s word, the Hispanic community cannot advance the lamb’s agenda. Accordingly, this collaborative sponsorship serves as the platform for a campaign committed to eradicating biblical illiteracy.”

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With a U.S. Hispanic population of more than 50 million, Hispanics are impacting many areas of American society including expressions of the Christian faith.

Christian leaders worldwide, including American Bible Society,: David Cerullo: and others host regular biblical classes in all languages. Pastors and leaders who are interested in participating in Mes de la Biblia, by hosting Bible advocacy events and challenging their communities to return to the practice of daily scripture engagement throughout the year, should visit: to sign up.

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