Here’s Something Else To Look Forward To If Obamacare Goes Into Effect

There are a lot of great arguments against Obamacare, but the best one is simply looking at what happens in other nations where the government has taken over health care. Do we really want: this: happening in the United States?

Thousands of elderly people are having to put up with deteriorating sight because they are denied cataract surgery on the NHS by ‘cruel and random’ rationing, campaigners warn.

Some health trusts offer the procedure only to patients whose sight is so poor it has led to them having a fall, research has found.

Nearly half of health trusts ration operations, with many turning patients away unless they can no longer drive, read or recognise their friends.

Around a third of over-65s suffer from cataracts, cloudy patches that form over the lens of the eye, causing blurred vision. In many cases, as the condition worsens, the only option is to have surgery to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial one.

The procedure, which costs :£930, is deemed to be one of the most effective in the NHS.

But researchers from Imperial College London have found 71 out of 151 Primary Care Trusts, which manage NHS budgets, had policies to restrict surgery.

Oh, but that won’t happen here! Of course, it will. That’s the point of the “Death Panels.” Their job will be to save money for the government and the most efficient way to do that is to find ways to deny people treatment. Yes, some of those denials would mean that people die. However, most of them would just reduce people’s quality of life. That’s what is happening in Britain right now. It’s what will happen here, too, if Barack Obama is reelected.

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