The Mainstream Media’s Coverage Of Romney On Libya: American Pravda

When the Evil Empire was up and running, Americans used to have a good laugh at Pravda. How in the world could the Soviet people believe the tripe coming from those hacks? Well, the: mainstream media in this country has become every bit as corrupt as Pravda: and the reporters can’t even claim that they’re controlled by the government as an excuse.

The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) Wednesday evening newscasts devoted more than 9 minutes (9 minutes, 28 seconds) to the flap over Mitt Romney’s statement criticizing the administration’s handling of the Libyan crisis but spent just 25 seconds on questions regarding Barack Obama’s Middle-East policy, a greater than 20-to-1 disparity.

Liberals incessantly criticized George Bush on foreign policy during his presidency, but let Romney aim a little fire at Obama and it’s supposed to be a scandal. What is really going on is that the liberals in the mainstream media have decided that Obama has to win at all costs and that thinking permeates every story that they do. Every story has to be shaped and spun to hurt Romney and protect Obama. Integrity, doing their jobs, reporting the news – those are all secondary to doing anything and everything they can to help Obama.

That’s why no one should weep for papers that are slowly but surely going out of business or bemoan the public’s lack of trust in the media. The mainstream media in this country has devolved into a profession for hacks and jackals that deserve nothing but scorn.

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