How Effing Stupid Are We?

Several days ago, Paris was struck again by Islamic terrorism. Innocents enjoying a night on the town were brutally gunned down or blown apart by a malicious blood thirsty cult. They kill for sport. As I write this, the death toll exceeds 130 and many more severely injured. But whomever it was, one fact is not debatable. They were Islamic terrorists. They are not a nation armed with tanks and planes nor are they a “jayvee” team; as President Obama infamously suggested. They are pursuing a modern day Caliphate of control and power in the Middle East and their antlers of death and destruction have spread to the Western Hemisphere.

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Since its 1948 modern-day creation, Israel has been on the front line of horrific acts of Islamic terror; the same kind France is experiencing today. The same kind America experienced September 11, 2001. Yet, we constantly hear the idiocy and smug self-righteousness of European and American diplomats decry and deplore Israel’s response to terror. That tiny democracy in the Middle East, is the only nation in the world relentlessly accused of a disproportionate response to terror, no matter what they do. From thousands of rockets and missiles fired into their population centers from Gaza, Palestinian suicide bombers blowing themselves up in shopping malls to a lone wolf knifings, she has faced Islamic terrorism alone while the Western democracies spewed senseless verbiage about both sides showing restraint – as if a moral equivalency exists between the victim and attacker.

Now is time to understand Israel’s plight, follow her lead and destroy Islamic terrorism.

After all the bloodshed and destruction, the leaders of Europe and the United States must belatedly and publicly admit we are at war with radical Islam. Obviously 9/11, the killing of our soldiers and chants of “death to America”, the Charlie Hebdo massacre and hundreds of other Islamic attacks did not awaken a politically correct, liberal European and American deep sleep. Refusal to state whom we are at war with remains the hallmark of the Obama Presidency. And if that were not dangerous enough, Mr. Obama himself is the power behind the P5+1 Iranian Agreement which all but guarantees the Islamic Republic a nuclear bomb. What knives and machine guns achieve today mean nothing to an Islamic nuclear bomb. Does anyone doubt that a cult glorifying suicide bombers will not hesitate to use it? Even with this mounting danger, Obama has removed most of our military might from the epicenter of terrorism in the Middle East. Our inability to contain or destroy terror over there vastly endangers us here. We seem to be enabling those most willing to kill us.

Europe, which has clung to US power since the end of WWII, is weak and vulnerable. For years, their liberal socialist policies flung the immigration doors open wide. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims migrated from their own deplorable, decaying countries to their European host nations. Multiculturalism is a bust and the Europeans are drowning in their mistake. Today, Germany is accepting tens of thousands of Muslim migrants and, not surprisingly, unprecedented crime and chaos follows.

Despite the example set by our European allies, the Obama Administration has announced they too intend to bring into the US; 200,000 Syrian refugees! Some began arriving last week into the port of New Orleans. In recent years, the US has resettled over 1.5 million Muslims. Based on the normal birthrate of Muslims, that initial figure may see a population explosion into millions more in less than 20 years. The cultural divide is deepening as their political influence becomes a greater force. And, if only 10% or 15% are radicalized…well, you do the math. Yes, there are many peaceful Muslims but their culture in not our culture and assimilation is hardly possible and more often rejected. One need only to spend an afternoon in Dearborn, MI to understand.

We are a nation with a staggering $19 trillion of debt, 90 million chronically unemployed, a poverty rate increasing by the day and a powder keg of racial tension. Do we need more of this? Why do we not seal our borders, slow immigration and truly bring those hiding in the shadows out into the light of day?

If most of the terror attacks against the US and Europe were perpetrated by Muslims, why are we inviting them to live among us?

Are we really this effing stupid?

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