Obama’s Final Year (Heaven Help Us!)

During the last several weeks, our sailors were captured and humiliated by Iranian terrorists. Upon their release, our delusional Secretary of State apologized and thanked – yes, thanked! – the terrorist regime of Iran. Afterward, we read media accounts describing how the Iranian regime gushed with pride as they effectively brought America to its knees. During the same two-week period, we saw the Obama Administration implement the horrifically terrible Iranian Nuclear Agreement committing America to ensure, protect and technically advise the terror state’s development of a nuclear infrastructure; a clear definition of a reckless foreign policy. By lifting sanctions on Iran and enriching their economy, Barack Obama effectively became the largest financier of Islamic terrorism.

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Despite contradictory and obfuscating comments and outright lies by Obama, Kerry, Clinton and their hypnotized minions, this agreement will provide a pathway to an Iranian nuclear bomb. Timed to the implementation of this scurrilous agreement, Iran released long-held American hostages with the exception of the Robert Levin, the lone Jewish inmate of the Iranian regime. Neither the Iranians nor the American Administration supposedly know of his whereabouts. Now, three more Americans are reportedly missing or possibly kidnapped in Iraq. The alleged culprit? A Shi’ite Iranian terror proxy, of course.

For seven years, the MSM has whitewashed and sanitized this kind of assault by America’s enemies without a meaningful response from this Administration. No wonder those who hate us most keep trying.

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Obama’s final year has arrived, the end of a two-term disaster created by a mostly ignorant electorate entranced by mere verbal platitudes of nothingness. A historically unprecedented degree of corruption, dictatorial executive actions and degradation of American power and influence remain the hallmark of this Presidency.

What a change he has wrought – and not for the better.

Today, we bow and express our gratitude to terrorists for not mutilating, raping and beheading our captured Naval personnel; shades of Jimmy Carter. We have taught the evil actors of the world that America will negotiate and reward terrorism. This rudderless and weak policy will lead to more kidnappings; nuclear-inspired regimes will care less of what we think. The lead from behind bunch in the White House embrace the evil forces of the world while their contempt for our stalwart allies is astounding. After all, Obama removed the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office and has never hidden his hostility toward State of Israel. He fast-tracked Muslim Brotherhood supporters into influential positions within his Administration while attacking patriotic Americans who merely longed for our government to stick to the Constitution and seal the borders.

As the final year unfolds, Obama will pull out all stops to fulfill his bucket list. Quietly sailing off into the sunset is not characteristic of a narcissist. With his usual contempt and smug arrogance, Obama rejects American idealism as he often states “this is not who we are.” But, it is “who we are” he fails to understand.

In his last year, will he attempt to create yet another Islamic terror enclave by possibly recognizing a Palestinian state or forcing our already overwhelmed immigration gates to open wider for thousands of additional un-vetted Muslims? Whatever nefarious plots he pursues, there is no doubt Obama plans to leave America more weakened and troubled. Here is radical leftism fully exposed and on parade with Hillary or Bernie waiting in the wings.

Whatever nefarious plots he pursues, there is no doubt Obama plans to leave America more weakened and troubled.

You can bet Mr. Obama’s influence will not end with his second term should a Republican fail to win the White House in November. Heaven help us as we might someday see Obama sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice or Secretary General of the United Nations. It is possible his reign of pain will see no sunset anytime soon.

So, we begin his last year with a sense of relief yet full of anxiety that the end is near. Reality ensures us the road to next January will be paved with many potholes. To quote Bette Davis, “fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

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