Religious and cultural leaders: Supreme Court marriage decision imperils religious liberty, undermines Constitution

WASHINGTON, DC, July 1, 2015 — The U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage decision last week puts America’s religious liberty at risk, say 11 groups who will defend that liberty in front of the Court’s steps today.


In a press conference scheduled for 10:00 this morning, international news agency LifeSiteNews and 10 leading marriage, family, and traditional values organizations will highlight the potential ramifications around the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The Court’s decision “follows the path of Canada, Britain, Spain, and other countries in significantly imperiling the freedom of families and Christians nationwide,” said LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen,

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Joining LifeSiteNews to discuss the Court’s impact on liberty and America’s future will be representatives of American Life League, petition website CitizenGo, 2nd Vote, the Cardinal Newman Society, International Human Rights Group, and the Lepanto Institute.

2nd Vote National Outreach Director Robert Kuykendall encourage “values-minded individuals” to actively engage in the culture in order to secure freedom.

“Many corporations have supported the agenda to undermine marriage and religious liberty, financially as well as through direct advocacy,” said Kuykendall. “They have felt free to do so because conservatives, people of faith, and people of conscience have not held them accountable with their dollars.”

“Instead of withdrawing from the culture wars, values-minded individuals should defend our freedoms and convictions by engaging companies directly and, if need be, influencing them through the power of our spending habits.”

The future of Catholic education, which is increasingly at risk as nations have redefined marriage, will be addressed by Cardinal Newman Society Vice President Bob Laird.

“While Five Supreme Court justices may have changed the legal status of same-sex marriage under the law, they have not and cannot change the essence and meaning of marriage as understood by every society in the history of man,” said Laird. “Our Catholic schools will not concede their rights to the truth about marriage. Regardless of discrimination or government coercion, faithful Catholics must continue to teach the Truth. It is our right as Americans, and our duty as Catholics.”

Not present, but providing statements in support of marriage and liberty, will be Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Morse, Human Life International president Father Shenan J. Boquet, and Right Wing News founder John Hawkins. CalState Northridge Professor Robert Oscar Lopez, a bisexual man raised by same-sex parents, will also provide a statement on behalf of himself and five other members of the International Children’s Rights Institute who filed pro-marriage amicus briefs with the Supreme Court.

“Support for real marriage is good for children and parents, good for society, and good for America,” said Westen, who also expressed concern for the physical and spiritual health of people who engage in same-sex sexual relationships. “By granting unconstitutional ‘rights’ to same-sex sexual couples, the Supreme Court has placed a societal stamp of approval on a sexual lifestyle that is damaging to the human person.”

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In addition, here’s a statement from John Hawkins, the founder of Right Wing News.

“As Antonin Scalia noted in his dissent, the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage had nothing with the U.S. Constitution. Instead, five Supreme Court Justices substituted their own opinion for that of more than 300 million people. No American who cares about the Constitution, justice, or the rule of law could support this ruling.

Sadly, gay marriage has now been forced on the country despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans lived in the states that didn’t vote for or want a redefinition of marriage. The five Supreme Court Justices responsible for the ruling should be forever shamed by their disgraceful behavior.

Worse yet, this ruling will be used as an excuse to discriminate against Christians and deny them their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion. Those who want to change the meaning of marriage are going to go after the tax status of Christian churches. They’re going to try to get Christians fired from their jobs. They’re going to try to censor Christians at best, and define parts of Christian doctrine as hate speech at worst. They’re going to try to use the government to put Christians who refuse to sin by working on gay marriages out of business.

Since when do Christians lose their First Amendment rights if they start a business? Since when does “freedom of religion” only apply as long as you don’t own a bakery or take wedding photos? This is a country founded on religious freedom, and those rights don’t cease the moment someone walks out of doors of their church.

If you’re a Christian and you don’t start standing up and speaking out for your religious rights, they’re going to be taken away from you by people who hate your guts. The time to start fighting back is right here and now.”

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