Durham Pastor Encourages More Divisiveness And Spiritual Separation In Flying Black Liberation Flag

Nothing says “let’s all come together” like telling people to fly a non-inclusive flag in opposition to people supporting a non-inclusive flag. Headline via fritzdecat in the comments, who offered it up in contradiction to WTVD 11’s headline


A local minister is hoping to give Independence Day a whole new meaning.

As the debate over the Confederate flag rages on, Paul Scott, a longtime Durham activist and minister, is urging African-Americans to ditch the red, white, and blue flag for red, black, and green.

“It’s a wake-up call for us to come together under this flag — united,” declared Scott, adding that he’s deeply troubled by the racial climate in our country. (snip)

Scott is taking his cause to social media and urging followers to change their profile photos and to use the hashtag #RBGFlag this weekend. He says his message is not anti-American but rather pro-black unity.

“Every ethnic group is proud to raise their flag,” said Scott. “It’s time for us to have that same black pride and raise our flag.”

So, they’d be cool with all sorts of white people flying the flag of the KKK (do they have one? No idea, nor do I care to look) or some big White Supremacist movement, in order to show “pro-white unity”? I’m betting there would be a huge, huge outcry.

Let’s consider that the origination of the flag was based on the song “Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon”, written by Will A. Heelan, and J. Fred Helf, which notes that so many other groups/nationalities here in the US and the U.K. fly flags and or symbols, or wear those symbols, such as the Irish and Scots. They flew those flags or showed those symbols in pride of their heritage.

Calling for Blacks to fly the Black Liberation Flag is not being recommended for pride, but for separation. One might even call it hate. If a leader within the Aryan Nation (do they have a flag? Not bothering to look) was recommending this, it would be called hate.

An interesting dichotomy: advocating unity and separation at the exact same time.

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