States Are WINNING On Gun Rights

From 1791, when the Second Amendment was ratified (coincidentally my Twitter handle – @Ratifiedin1791) all the way through 1933, the federal government left us gun owners be.

Brent Smith

But in 1934 it all began to change as progressive icon and bully, President Franklin D. Roosevelt pushed for and signed the first nationwide gun control legislation, the National Firearms Act. The law was an emotion-based knee-jerk reaction to attempt to halt the use of the “Tommy Gun” and sawed-off shotguns, etc. It levied a tax of $200 (over $2500 today) on the manufacture and sale of all guns. A national gun registry was also enacted.

Virtually every leftist president since then has tried to build on the success of Roosevelt, including Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and of course, Barack Obama. A special shout out should go to the progressive republican president Nixon. The same waste of skin who took us off the gold standard also blessed us with the ATF in 1972.

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If it hadn’t been for Reagan and George W. Bush at least slowing things down, guns might be outlawed by now.

States have been very concerned about Obama’s want to confiscate our guns since he was elected and his recent threats to further curb gun owners’ rights have prompted some of them to begin taking the bull by the horns and enacting their own pro-gun legislation. That darn Tenth Amendment. Someone should do something about that.

In June of last year Texas passed a state law giving teachers and students (21 and older with a concealed carry permit) the right to carry guns on campus, although the sweeping law was amended to allow Colleges Presidents to dictate which buildings could remain gun-free. Some pro-gun advocates actually called this positive break through a loss. Yes, it was a disappointment as the law was gutted to an extent, but the positive is that it even got this far.

We need to learn from the progressive left. They never give up and they understand the principle of setting up framework. It’s like trying to repair a large structure. Before the repairs can be done, scaffolding must be erected around the old structure. Progressives are masters at erecting these scaffoldings, the initial framework needed for all successive legislation to build upon.

Despite their constant whining and protestations, progressives understand you can’t necessarily achieve complete success on your first attempt. They are much more patient than we. Maybe it’s just because they are used to the eventuality of winning and we are not, which is why when we want change, it must everything immediately or bust.

But those in Texas are in fact winning. The Guardian reported just two days ago that the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin is nervous and thinks it may now have to begin curbing provocative (code for radical) lesson plans and otherwise avoid sensitive topics – because – you know – when we conservatives disagree with something, we don’t debate – we just pull out our hand cannons and fire. This fear is causing some lefty faculty members to leave the University. WINNING!

“The impact of the campus carry law on UT’s reputation, recruitment and retention of both faculty and staff has already begun to be felt. I personally know of at least two cases of senior faculty hires in which a top candidate withdrew [one from Harvard, one from the University of Virginia], citing concern over these laws,” said Lisa Moore, a founder of the Gun Free UT group and a professor of English and women’s and gender studies. How can this be anything but a WIN? Want another?

A weak-kneed whiny liberal student from Chicago has declined an invitation to attend UT-Austin. She instead will opt for “someplace where she can feel confident that the person she is sitting next to is not packing a concealed pistol.” At least one less liberal on campus – another huge WIN. Thank you sir – may I have another!

In Iowa, the State House of Representatives just passed a bill with a 62-36 majority to allow children with parental supervision to “handle a pistol, revolver or the ammunition under parental supervision.” It’s on its way to the Senate for approval. Opponents say “it could lead to a militia of toddlers.” I know he didn’t mean it this way, but that’s pretty funny.

The bill’s backer, Rep. Jake Highfill, said that, “Allowing people to learn at a young age the respect that a gun commands is one of the most important things you can do.” So you see folks – it’s not all gloom and doom out there.

Despite the national push for further gun control, at least some are beginning to wake up and asserting their Constitutional rights as sovereign States. We should expect more WINNING as a majority of State legislatures and Governorships are swinging back to the right.

With all this WINNING, I Feel like I’m at a Trump Rally.

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