A Terrorist’s Best Friend: Political Correctness

Here in America and across the landscape of Europe, political correctness has become the greatest obstacle to free speech, forcing a civilized public to acquiesce to evil.  It simply rebuffs open debate. The most sensible policy, such as halting inbound flights from Ebola- infested regions, protecting our borders, or utilizing trained bomb-sniffing dogs ignites the PC ghouls and pulverizes the well-intended. Reputations are instantly reduced to ashes while the remaining traces of logic and common sense are replaced by the ridiculous. Created and used like a sledgehammer by political forces and the courts, this high-caliber weapon weakens and debilitates free societies. Political correctness is not designed to protect the everyday people plowing the fields of normal and law-abiding lives; it is used to stifle speech and through intimidation, silence it.

William Pollack1

“Liberalism” is defined in Webster’s as “tolerant, generous and not strict,” which is hardly a true description of the deceptive radical left as they buzz like boll weevils demanding a name change for the Washington Redskins. The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is now suggesting the imposition of stiff fines against broadcasters if  “Redskins” is announced over the airwaves. An eight-decade old team moniker is compared by Chairman Wheeler to the “F” word? What happens next to the Atlanta Braves, the Kansas City Chiefs or whatever word or name is suddenly not in vogue with the extortionist PC crowd?

The examples of political correctness are growing, limitless, hold no bounds. In most cases, they are ridiculous. Some are almost laughable. Rather than another season of the “war on Christmas” media-created conflict, what would be wrong with wishing someone a Merry Christmas in lieu of the generic “Happy Holiday’s” pronouncement? Even if the recipient does not celebrate Christmas, is it really so damaging to one’s eardrums? Joe Biden, the inimitable gaff-prone Vice-President of the United States, was recently castigated for referring to Asians as “Orientals.” That word is defined as “members of a people from Asia.” I am still scratching my head wondering why this caused such ballyhoo. If blacks wish to be called African-Americans, so be it, but it doesn’t make sense nor sound correct when referring to a black individual born in the United States and not Africa.

I wonder if surveys were ever conducted to see how many African Americans and/or blacks are in sync with my thoughts. Perhaps there would be less divisiveness if the designation of one’s ethnic origin was dropped in favor of referring to ourselves simply as Americans? Don Rickles, the octogenarian master of standup comedy, has had unprecedented success mocking the lunacy of bigotry. No ethnicity escapes Rickles’ attention. What had audiences doubled over in laughter in the past is more uncomfortable today. Why? Because we no longer recognize America’s greatness was created by the vast melting pot of talent from all regions of the world that gathered here on our great land with equal opportunity for all. Rather, political correctness separates ethnic groups through legal and political manipulative machinations while degrading the accomplishments of others. This is contributing much of the angst we feel toward one another today.

A maddening example of political correctness run amok is Barack Obama’s refusal to call acts of terror committed in the name of Islam exactly what they are: Islamic terrorism. President Obama will not even refer to ISIS as Islamic terrorists. But they themselves do. This horrifically dangerous creation refer to themselves as the ISLAMIC State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Like their Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah offshoots, they commit massive, reprehensible acts of terror while conquering more and more territory. To President Obama, the beheading of a grandmother in Oklahoma or journalists in Iraq, the Ft. Hood shooting, the annihilation of Christians and their communities in Syria and Iraq, 5000 rockets fired at civilians in Israel this summer or any other act of sheer death and destruction in the name of Islam does not warrant calling it what it is: Islamic Terrorism. This is delusional, dangerous and a clear example of political correctness utilized to defend the indefensible.

How can we defeat an enemy we cannot honestly define? The next thing you know, a follower of Islam might behead or shoot more innocents on American soil only to have the politically-obsessed Obama Administration refer to such Islamic terror as something more mundane like workplace violence.

Oh, wait, they’ve already done that.

William Pollack is a broadcaster and movie theater owner based in Memphis, TN. [email protected]

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