The Disgraceful Trade Vote

All but 54 courageous Republicans sided with President Obama to approve giving this president fast-track authority to OK trade deals.

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As a result, trade pacts will require only a majority vote in each house rather than the two-thirds specified for treaties in the Constitution. And no amendments will be allowed. Debate will be limited and no filibusters permitted.

The spectacle of Republicans, led by Paul Ryan, fighting to give this president more power — and Congress less — is revolting.

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And there is nothing to stop him from inserting anything he wants in the trade pacts. He can use them to advance his climate-change agenda or to allow unrestricted immigration (free flow of labor). Obama promises not to do so, but what are his commitments worth?

So now don’t trust Speaker John Boehner or Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Ryan when they protest Obama’s executive power grabs. They handed him this one.

And it isn’t about trade. About 75 percent of the agreement covers trade with Canada and Mexico. We already have NAFTA guaranteeing free trade with these countries. This is about permitting a treaty to override the ability of state legislatures and Congress to govern such areas as genetic modification, intellectual property, and the like. It is a fraud and the Republicans who voted for it all deserve primary fights!

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