The Top 5 Ways For Men to Avoid Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

The Top 5 Ways For Men to Avoid Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

The Duke Lacrosse Case. Tawana Brawley. Mattress girl. The Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

As a man, you can do absolutely nothing wrong and STILL be accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment or God knows what. Rape is a terrible thing and because of that, being falsely accused of it is also a terrible thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get treated that way by a lot of people on the Left. There aren’t any females screaming #believeallwomen who care much whether a man is falsely accused of sexual assault or not.

The good news is that you’re PROBABLY NOT going to be falsely accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment. On the other hand, do I personally know someone that has been falsely accused of sexual harassment? Yes. Are there literally tens of thousands of men in the United States that have had it happen to them? Absolutely.

Despite the false claim you hear constantly repeated by feminists that only 2% of rape accusations are false, we don’t really know the number although we do know it is a lot higher than that. This is from David French in National Review,

For example, in one of the key studies that the National Sexual Violence Resource Center relied on, researchers classified as false only 5.9 percent of cases — but noted that 44.9 percent of cases where classified as “Case did not proceed.” The category was defined as follows:

This classification was applied if the report of a sexual assault did not result in a referral for prosecution or disciplinary action because of insufficient evidence or because the victim withdrew from the process or was unable to identify the perpetrator or because the victim mislabeled the incident (e.g., gave a truthful account of the incident, but the incident did not meet the legal elements of the crime of sexual assault). [Emphasis added.]

There is absolutely no way to know how many of the claims in that broad category were actually true or likely false. We simply know that the relevant decision-makers did not deem them to be provably true.

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So, other than avoiding being nominated for the Supreme Court while you’re a Republican, what can you do to minimize the chances that you will be falsely accused of any kind of sex crime?

1) Avoiding suspect women: There’s an old but crude saying that goes, “Don’t stick your **** in crazy” — particularly the sort of “crazy” that gets hysterical, becomes outraged at the drop of a hat or sees things that aren’t there. Social justice warriors and feminists? Women that buy into the idea that you need written consent for any kind of physical activity? Vindictive women who feel comfortable lying to hurt people? Let’s put it this way – if you’re getting a bad vibe off a woman, you probably shouldn’t risk it. Women that are married or are in relationships are also risky for a very obvious reason. If they somehow get caught, they may falsely accuse you rather than admit to their significant other that they cheated. Next thing you know, he’s (correctly) demanding that she call the police and she feels like she has no choice other than to continue falsely accusing you. This one is so hard for men because if they have a chance to get laid, they typically take it, but it’s better to walk away than to take a risk.

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