So What Will Lynch Get?

What did Bill Clinton promise Loretta Lynch during their tete-a-tete on her plane as it sat on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona? Did they restrict their conversation to their grandchildren, travel and golf as she claims?”

Dick Morris 3

Or did Clinton, by body language or something stronger, indicate that a President Hillary Clinton might want to keep Lynch on as attorney general or possibly put her on the Supreme Court?

Even a warm handshake and words of praise for her work from the husband of a possible president become important to a sitting Cabinet officer with five months to go in her term.

Imagine the parallel. What would we say or do if the husband of a defendant on trial met with the judge in the case for a “social” call? Particularly, how would we react if the defendant was seeking to get a job which would deliver the judge’s future career into her hands?

The judge would be subject to censure or even impeachment for this kind of ex parte communications.

This conversation underscores the need for a special prosecutor to conduct a truly independent investigation of the Democratic nominee for president — Hillary Clinton.

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