Oh yes. Currently trending in all your favorite liberal rags and media outlets, the #GOPWantsWar. Such a fun little liberal conversation piece to add to a crappy meme of George W. Bush and retweet to all 12 of their followers.

Look, if you want to hashtag, do it right. #GOPWantsWar has nothing to do with the GOP wanting an actual war, you see. Just because the GOP is sick of you being in bed with Radical Islamic Terrorists, and doesn’t want a crappy treaty by an inept president shaping global policy for the next few decades, doesn’t mean that #GOPWantsWar. It means we want a foreign policy that is big picture functional. It means we need more than a straw house that the first little piggy built. We need more than tape and toothpaste to hold this together- we need a real strategy.

Obama just doesn’t get it. His issue is, when he walks into a room, he knows he is the smartest one in there. When he walks out, he thinks the same thing. A smart President surrounds himself with smart people with specific areas of strength. Obama? He has ‘Yes’ men. If anything, Obama’s ignorance will start a war, not the GOP.

You know what, I take it back. The GOP does want a war. A war on liberal ignorance and intolerance for any viewpoint that isn’t their own, a war on Obama’s unfair tax practices, a war on the unconstitutional behaviors of our president. Hell yea, we want a war. And the liberals just asked for one.

Game. On.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie


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