The 40 Best Conservative Columnists of 2017 (9th Annual)

The 40 Best Conservative Columnists of 2017 (9th Annual)

Every year, John Hawkins compiles a list of the 40 best conservative columnists out there. So many of my favorites are on here and even a few friends. Heh. Just a few that are very special to me are Erick Erickson, Andrew Klavan, Ann Coulter, Todd Starnes, Dennis Prager, David Limbaugh, Victor Davis Hanson, Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro. All of them listed below are fantastic, but those are the ones I have truly come to rely on for information over the years. If I could write just a fraction as well as these writers do, I’d be very happy.

There are a number of lists around the web that will give you names like this, but I have never found anyone out there as astute as John Hawkins is when it comes to talent. He’s a fantastic writer all on his own and his name should be on here, but he would never blow his own horn. So, I’m doing it for him. I’ve gotten to know John over the last few years and he is one of the greatest guys you will ever have the honor of meeting.

As politics has heated up over the last two years, a number of these writers have really rocked the Internet. Each one on this list is gifted in their own personal way in writing and reporting. All of them are brilliant. You’ll recognize a lot of them. And I might point out that you will get more factual news from these writers than you do the mainstream media. We are lucky and blessed to have these people. The are the warriors on the web… our front line.

40) Susan Stamper Brown
39) Larry Elder
38) Andrew Malcolm
37) Mollie Hemingway
36) John Ziegler
35) Karol Markowicz
34) Michael Brendan Dougherty
33) Erick Erickson
32) Mike Adams
31) David Harsanyi
30) Dan Gainor
29) Quinn Hillyer
28) Andrew Klavan
27) Rachel Alexander
26) Michael Barone
25) Kyle Smith
24) Megan McCardle
23) Ann Coulter
22) Matthew Continetti
21) Kat Timpf
20) Todd Starnes
19) John Stossel
18) Kevin McCarthy
17) James Pethokoukis
16) Dennis Prager
15) Walter Williams
14) Michelle Malkin
13) Rich Lowry
12) Byron York
11) Glenn Reynolds
10) Victor Davis Hanson
9) Ashe Schow
8) David Limbaugh
7) Kevin Williamson
6) Matt Lewis
5) David French
4) Kurt Schlichter
3) Matt Walsh
2) Jonah Goldberg
1) Ben Shapiro

I started out blogging back immediately after 9/11. There have been a number of these writers who have been very kind to me over the years and have suffered what I come up with from time to time. To each of them, I want to say thank you and Merry Christmas! Closest to me on this list is Michelle Malkin, who I count as a friend and a mentor. She’s a fantastic person with a heart of gold. David Limbaugh is a man of deep faith, with a gift for speaking and writing. I’ve long admired him. Andrew Klavan makes me smile when I most need it. And I bow before the incredible wit of both Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro. When I first started researching progressives, it was Jonah’s writing that inspired me. Ben has the intellect and wit of one of the greatest conservative minds I’ve ever run across.

I love them all, but I’m sure you will have your own favorites. And this is a great list to keep handy when you want to read someone’s opinion on current events and what is going on in politics. For me, this list is priceless, because I read all of them and use their brilliance to make my own writing just a little bit better. They are far more informative and reliable than 99% of the news sites out there.

There is one writer that’s not on here that I must mention and that is Trevor Loudon. He is like family to me and his books are legendary. He also has several documentaries out on Antifa and progressives. Like me, he is what I call a commie hunter. It’s a small group. Although from New Zealand, Trevor is the quintessential American and loves this country with all his heart and soul. He is the best researcher I have ever seen by far and I am proud to call him my friend. You really need to read his books and writing, as well as watch his documentaries. His website is His research can be found at

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