This is bad news for the Palin clan. Saturday night, Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s oldest son who is now 28, broke a window to get at his father. Todd Palin had to pull a gun on him, but Track got around that and beat his father. Geez. An affidavit states that Sarah Palin called the police and told them her son was “freaking out and was on some type of medication.” Just last year, Todd Palin was in a serious snowmobile accident that almost cost him his life. I’m sure he’s still not 100% and now this.

On that affidavit, it stated that Track had told them he was coming to the house to hurt members of his family, particularly Todd. “Track told him he was (going to) come anyway to beat his ass,” said Wasilla officer Adam LaPointe. May I just ask why the police are talking to the media about this? I guess Todd met his son at the front door with his gun in his hands. That did not phase Track, who instead broke a window and crawled through into the house. He hunted down his father and beat him into the ground, repeatedly punching him in the head. There was blood coming from Todd’s ear.

The dispute was over a truck that Track wanted to take, according to the documents. His father told him no because he was allegedly drinking and taking pain medication.

Todd made it outside, but was severely injured, suffering numerous cuts and bruises on his head. WTH is wrong with Track? The kid was arrested on charges of felony first-degree burglary and misdemeanor criminal mischief and fourth-degree assault. You know it’s bad when you have to call the police on your own kid. Todd is lucky he survived that attack. Track has not been released on bond and he’s still behind bars where he belongs, in my opinion.

The Palin’s attorney, John Tiemessen, has released a statement that asks for privacy as this matter works its way through Alaska courts. This has got to break their hearts. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, much less the Palins. “They ask that the family’s privacy is respected during this challenging situation just as others dealing with a struggling family member would also request,” the statement read.

This isn’t the first time Track has been in trouble. Last year, he pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon while intoxicated. He cut a deal to eliminate a charge of domestic violence after being accused of beating his then-girlfriend. I think he served in the military, but this guy has real anger issues and needs help.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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