Bipartisan House Group Drafts “Compromise” Watch List Gun Ban Bill Or Something

It’s bipartisan, folks, just like the Collins bill!

(ABC News) Hoping to cut through the gridlock around gun control, a bipartisan group of House members introduced a gun control compromise Friday identical to the measure proposed by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, after the Orlando nightclub shooting.

The proposal from Reps. Seth Moulton, D-Massachusetts, Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida, Scott Rigell, R-Virginia, and Bob Dold, R-Illinois, would prevent people on the federal government’s no-fly and Selectee lists from buying guns, and provide a mechanism to appeal a denial.

“Simple reforms like this are demanded by the American people,” Moulton said in a news conference.

Identical to the Collins bill. Remember that. No article that I can find, including from the VOA, Reuters, and Washington Post, actually describe the mechanism for appeal. How it works, which courts, etc. Supposedly, the AG would have the burden of proof.

Of course, the proof is in the text, and H.R. 5576 removes discovery, limits, if not does away, with the ability for the accused to see the secretive information that landed the citizen on one of these lists, and really does little to limit the reason why someone ended up on the list. And the lawyer fees? They shall be “reasonable”, which doesn’t mean “all.”

Katie Pavlich delved deep into the Collins bill itself, noting

2. After being stripped of their Second Amendment rights for landing on a No-Fly list, Americans can retroactively seek due process through appealing a denial in court. Further, attorney fees can be recovered so long as a a defendant wins their case against the U.S. government? After hours, days, weeks and potentially years spent buried in paperwork, government bureaucracy, missed work, stress and thousands of attorney’s fees to prove innocence? How generous….Americans can’t even get through the DMV in a timely fashion, not to mention getting through a court appeal with the federal government after being improperly placed on a secret list.


3. If classified information is involved in an appeal and must be protected, it will be impossible for a regular, every day American who is innocent but on the lists to make their case and quickly win an appeal.

Sounds great. Oh, and then there is this

But the lawmakers started working on the proposal before Democrats waged a 25-hour sit-in on the House floor for gun control votes, a tactic that exasperated Republicans and emboldened Democrats.

Which now means that the Democrats have scuttled any attempt to push through even a terrible but not as bad as most of the others “bipartisan” bill such as this one, because most Republicans have tuned out after the Democrat temper tantrum. So, perhaps Democrats did all the Americans who are in favor of their Constitutional rights a favor.

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