BREAKING: This State Entering ALL Gun Owners Into FBI Database…

BREAKING: This State Entering ALL Gun Owners Into FBI Database…

If you are a resident of Hawaii and you enjoy your Second Amendment rights, you are going to hate this. Leave it to the Liberals to dictate to you what is best for you.

The pursuit of control over others is insatiable to them.


From The Federalist Papers:

Last month we reported that the state of Hawaii, known for its beautiful beaches, tropical forests, gorgeous weather, and many other factions of paradise on Earth, was considering legislation that would allow the state to enter the names and information of all legal Hawaii gun owners into a federal data base.

On Thursday, the governor of Hawaii signed that controversial bill into law. The database will track those people, and if a resident gun owner gets arrested anywhere in the country for anything the FBI database will notify the Hawaii police.

Legal gun owners in Hawaii will now be seen as suspects.

Governor David Ige says this is about community safety and “responsible gun ownership.” He said it will help law enforcement protect Hawaii residents and visitors. He didn’t elaborate on exactly how that would be accomplished.

These progressive liberals are killing America. They are doing it by refusing the rights of Americans. I can’t take the “common sense” excuse.

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