Dancing Cop Objects to #BlackLivesMatter Written on Coffee Cup… Gets Fired For It

Dancing Cop Objects to #BlackLivesMatter Written on Coffee Cup… Gets Fired For It

The beloved Dancing Cop of Providence was just canned for doing something he should have been commended for in my opinion. His old friend and partner, who are active duty officers, went to a local Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee. The twit serving them wrote #BlackLivesMatter on their coffee cups. The officers were insulted and protested outside the restaurant. All they wanted was an apology. Tony Lepore joined them, even though he knew he would most likely be fired for it. And that he was… but not to fret. The Dancing Cop was hired across the river in East Providence. Their gain is Providence’s loss and people are razzing the police across the water over it. Good for Tony and it is great he will get to dance in traffic this holiday season.

Dancing Cop

From Top Right News:

For more than 30 years, retired Rhode Island Police Officer Tony Lepore has brought good cheer to the city of Providence with the famous dance moves he’d perform while directing holiday traffic.

But when he showed up for the job this year, he was told to get lost by the Providence Police Department.

Why? Because he dared to oppose racism.

Lepore’s old friend, an active duty officer and his partner, had received a coffee at a Dunkin Donuts restaurant whose employee had written #BlackLivesMatter on his cup.

Several officers were upset, and protested in front of the location. Lepore’s mistake? He joined them.

The Providence Police Department said Lepore misrepresented the department and committed a “disservice” to the city. They couldn’t go after the other cops due to their contracts. But they told Lepore his beloved dancing was getting the hook…simply for opposing Black racism.

Because racism of any kind is wrong…or so Lapore thought.

Thankfully not everyone is pig-headed, and Tony just got some good news: the retired officer has just been hired across the river in East Providence to direct traffic over there.

And East Providence citizens razzed the Providence P.D. on Facebook for their ridiculous P.C. overreaction, celebrating Tony’s hiring.

Lepore said on “Fox & Friends” that he knew the protest would cost him his job, but said he was looking out for the street cops whom he “worries about.”

“Black Lives matter is an organization that has some individuals that advocate harm to police officers, and that was my concern,” Lepore said.

And since the protest, he said, instances of Dunkin Donuts employees writing the message or refusing to serve cops have stopped.

How stupid do the Providence P.D. brass feel now?

Since when is it a disservice to the police to speak out against racism and hate aimed at them? #BlackLivesMatter is directly connected to the murder of cops as well. The precinct should have stood behind those officers, not singled out Tony to make an example of him. Tony protested and spoke out against hate because it was the right thing to do. Dunkin’ Donuts is now making sure those little hate notes are no longer written on their cups. Good for them as well. Shame on the Providence PD for being such politically correct tools and turning against their own to placate cop killers and racists. Bet they wish they hadn’t done that now.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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