Obama’s Capable Of Threats And Trashing Constitution At Same Time

I guess Mr. Constitutional professor was all out of bubble gum

President Obama mounted a frontal assault on the insurance industry on Saturday, accusing it of airing “deceptive and dishonest ads” to derail his health care legislation and threatening to strip the industry of its longstanding exemption from federal anti-trust laws.

In unusually harsh terms, Mr. Obama cast insurance companies as obstacles to change interested only in preserving their own “profits and bonuses” and willing to “bend the truth or break it” to stop his drive to remake the nation’s health care system. The president used his weekly radio and Internet address to push back against industry assertions that legislation will drive up premiums.

“It’s smoke and mirrors,” Mr. Obama said. “It’s bogus. And it’s all too familiar. Every time we get close to passing reform, the insurance companies produce these phony studies as a prescription and say, ‘Take one of these, and call us in a decade.’ Well, not this time.”

There’s your president, folks, the guy who put his hand on a Bible and swore that he “will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Twice. I suppose his actual ability is rather low. And, apparently, so is his memory about that pesky 1st Amendment thingamabobbie about Free Speech and the restrictions on government on taking revenge on people who criticize the government he supposedly taught at the college level.

So far, Obama has trashed private citizens and groups after private citizens and groups, and now he has delved into full on threats in order to silence his critics. What was that talking point about Bush trashing the Constitution?

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