Oregon Passes Bill That Allows For Gun Confiscation Order Without Owner’s Knowledge

Oregon Passes Bill That Allows For Gun Confiscation Order Without Owner’s Knowledge

If you were thinking about moving to Oregon for any reason, I’m here to relieve you of that mental burden.

Two bills recently passed in that bat shite crazy state and neither of them are good for conservatives or anyone who respects lives and our God-given rights.

One of them provided free abortions for everyone, regardless of whether or not they are American citizens.

The other one allows a judge to issue an order for the confiscation of an individual’s firearms without their knowledge, let alone permission.

SB 719 allows a judge to issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order which demands a gun owner hand over all firearms as well as any concealed carry permit.

The NRA had some thoughts about this, naturally:

Based on a California law enacted in 2014, SB 719A would create a so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO) that could be obtained by a law enforcement officer, family member, or household member in an ex parte hearing to deprive someone of their Second Amendment rights without due process of the law.

The ex parte aspect of the law means the bill does not require the gun owner to be present for part of the hearing in which the judge decides whether guns should be taken from him.

This is an atrocity and is a direct violation of the Second Amendment. If you’re a gun-totin’ Oregon citizen, you need to stand up to this and the rest of us need to make sure that this doesn’t spread to the rest of the United States.

I’m sick of the government taking these small, subtle steps to curb our rights. If they spent as much time trying to fix actual issues as they do trying to come up with ways to take our rights away, then maybe they could actually get some things done.

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