Mother who had sex while breastfeeding her baby is blasted by viewers of “This Morning” [VIDEO]

Mother who had sex while breastfeeding her baby is blasted by viewers of “This Morning” [VIDEO]

I very openly support public breastfeeding. When babies are hungry, babies need to eat and if a mother decides to breastfeed her child while they’re at the mall I’m all for it. You go girl!

I do, however, draw a very thick line at breastfeeding during other activities like cooking bacon, swimming and having sex with your spouse.

Apparently not everyone feels that way.

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So, if the headline and intro to this story didn’t give it away, this is about a woman breastfeeding her baby while having sex. If you’re not feeling like that kind of story, then we have plenty of others you can click on without gagging repeatedly.

If you’re still here, then I suppose it’s time to get on with it.

While on This Morning, Tasha Maile defended a YouTube video she made in which she announced that she nursed her son while she and her husband had sex. Because that couldn’t wait until after the baby was fed and put down for a nap, I guess?

“The baby is not judging you and thinking ‘my mum and dad are having sex’,” she said, by way of justification.

Twitter users were just as disgusted as you and I are.

Having sex is great. Breastfeeding your babies is great. But just because two things are fantastic, doesn’t mean you should mix them together, like showering and blow drying your hair.

There is just no defense for this. Like one of the Twitter users mentioned above, you do one or the other and babies always come before your need to get laid.

What I don’t understand was how the husband was okay with this. How could he look at that situation and be like, “Yeah, I’m cool with this.”

They’re both nasty and I question whether they should be parents at all. Clearly they value their own priorities over the needs of their child.

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