Hillary swears to stop TAKING BRIBES if she becomes POTUS

Hillary swears to stop TAKING BRIBES if she becomes POTUS

The Secretary of State has been accepting foreign donations to her charitable organization… just let that sink in. The lady who does the negotiating on behalf of the United States with other countries accepts charitable donations from foreign countries currently. And it has been MILLIONS she has been accepting. Now she promises to NOT accept foreign donations if made President of the United States but (a) will she really? and (b) isn’t accepting foreign donations as Secretary of State as insidious and illegal? Oh yeah and Bill Clinton ‘promises’ to step down from running the charity… though neither will be stepping down from ALL the proceeds going to their lifestyle and pockets.

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The Clintons have faced criticism from Republicans for alleged “pay-for-play” arrangements between foundation donors and Hillary Clinton’s State Department while she was secretary. Emails obtained by a conservative group showed Douglas Band, a top adviser to Bill Clinton, seeking to arrange access for a donor to American diplomats in Lebanon. That same adviser also tried to land a job for a former foundation employee at the State Department.

Neither of those requests were sent to Hillary Clinton directly, but several of her top aides responded, saying they would try to help.

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The Clintons have denied that any financial donations to their family foundation prompted official action by the State Department. A spokeswoman for the department also downplayed the emails, obtained by the group Judicial Watch, which filed a freedom of information lawsuit against the State Department to gain access to Clinton’s emails.

A spokeswoman said the State Department is in regular contact with many large nonprofit groups that request assistance dealing with foreign governments and the Clinton Foundation was one of them.

The Trump campaign dismissed the announcement, saying they never should have taken foreign money in the first place.

“They’re low-class grifters and gifters at every turn, whether it’s the money they make giving speeches, whether it’s the pay-for-play at the State Department,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said.

“After all, if everything was above board while Hillary Clinton ran the State Department as the Clintons have said, then why change a thing?” he said.

They also announced that Clinton’s annual meeting of international leaders and philanthropic groups with the foundation would stop. If the foundation was truly designed to help those in need, I’m curious why they’re ratcheting down operations. I’ll tell you why… They’re basically promising that if Hillary is made President they will finally be above board. Hillary wants America to make an honest woman of herself. Which is the number one reason why Hillary should NOT be elected President.

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