12 year-old feeds village in S. Africa, then liberals send her VIOLENT DEATH THREATS

12 year-old feeds village in S. Africa, then liberals send her VIOLENT DEATH THREATS

12 year-old big game hunter Aryanna Gourdin, posted a picture of this giraffe she killed on a hunt in Africa. Liberals went berserk and one even made the gruesome comment that they wished they could take a picture standing next to her dead body the way she was standing next to the giraffe. That’s pretty sick.

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Gourdin appeared on Fox & Friends on August 19, where she explained that her family has been hunting big game “forever.” And she detailed the reaction to hunting photos she posted on Facebook, particularly the photo of her and the giraffe. She read a response from one outraged activist, which said, “When somebody shoots you I hope I can post the same picture on my Facebook, with your head in my hand. I think they will see me as a hero, don’t you?”

Gourdin responded by saying it is “sad” that people respond in that way. She asked, “How could you value an animal’s life over a human’s?”

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Another person responded to the image of Gourdin and the giraffe by calling her a “murderer.”

Mark Martineau owns Rack Em Up Hunts and has guided Gourdin on hunts in Africa. He appeared on Fox & Friends with Gourdin and explained that the outrage over seeing a giraffe or zebra hunted “plays on ignorance or [detachment] from reality.” He said, “Here in the U.S., people consider these zoo animals. In Africa, this is their main game.” Gourdin interjected that the amount of meat on a giraffe is so plenteous that they were able to “feed a village” with the animal she shot.

A Fox anchor acknowledged the “noble cause” of feeding people in need but asked why they put the photos on social media when doing so causes such a firestorm. Martineau responded, “Well, why not? I’m tired of this political correctness. I’m not about to cower down [from] doing something we’ve always done. Man has done this since the beginning of time.”

Brave girl, Gourdin said that the violent social media posts against her or even the most vile comments wouldn’t stop her from hunting. I guess if a 12 yr-old girl can take out such a large animal without trepidation, some stupid cyber-bullies won’t worry her either.

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