Arizona Yoga Teacher Goes Wild at Bar Mitzvah… Performs Sex Act on Young Boy [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Arizona Yoga Teacher Goes Wild at Bar Mitzvah… Performs Sex Act on Young Boy [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

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Getting drunk at a party and flashing your boobs isn’t unusual behavior for young adults. Heck, some people even encourage it. But when that party is a bar mitzvah and the people you’re flashing are children, then it’s probably not such a good idea. An Arizona yoga teacher just learned that the hard way.

Lindsey Ann Radomski is facing 18 charges, including sexual indecency with a child. Radomski, 34, was arrested last year after she attended a bar mitzvah and let boys as young as 11 fondle and lick her breasts, before performing oral sex on a 15 year-old. But according to her lawyer, it’s Radomski that’s the real victim.

Jocquese Blackwell says that Radomski was drugged with GHB, a date-rape drug, by an 18 year-old at a party. “A woman that’s incapacitated can’t consent to any sexual contact, any sexual assault,” Blackwell said. Their story is that Radomski was raped by the boys at the party.

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Meanwhile, authorities claim that after most of the bar mitzvah guests had gone home or fallen asleep, Radomski invited seven boys between the ages of 11 and 15 and let them fondle her fake breasts. Two days later, she told authorities that she did flash guests at the party, but that she was too drunk to remember anything else. It wasn’t until later that she changed her story and claimed to be slipped a date-rape drug. “Ms. Radomski has no memory of what happened in that room and because she has no memory, from her perspective and from my perspective as her attorney, it didn’t happen and we’ll see what happens in court,” Blackwell said. He also claims to have a hair test that proves she had GHB in her system at the time of the party.

Prosecutors aren’t buying it, though. Their blood tests show that the levels of GHB in her bloodstream were no higher than what naturally occurs in the human body. They say that she only decided to claim she had been drugged and raped when she realized she would be charged with multiple felonies.

Originally, she was charged with 21 felonies, but a grand jury did not indict her, citing a lack of evidence. So she is now facing 18 charges and is currently on trial, which is expected to be over this week. She is facing up to three years of probation and over six months in jail.

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