Will this Black Lives Matter activist sue American Airlines for what SHE did?

Will this Black Lives Matter activist sue American Airlines for what SHE did?

You can’t go ten seconds without someone playing the race card and trying to get a payout for it. It’s a shame we live surrounded by such lazy and entitled people. In this scenario, it’s a woman who is part of Black Lives Matter and she has a bad case of “I can’t mind my own business” and “let’s make a problem out of thin air and try to sue someone so I don’t have to go to work on Monday” – and this behavior is unacceptable. Imani Cezanne made herself the victim and had she minded her own business on an American Airlines flight, then she wouldn’t have embarrassed herself with this atrocious behavior and lack of intelligence that she was so adamant about demonstrating in public through her temper tantrum and ejection from an airplane. While her ejection from the plane was not the type you see in movies with a pilot being tossed from a moving airplane, I really wish it was and that she’d landed in the lava of a volcano. One less annoying person in America is good for everyone, right?

black lives matter thrown off a plane

From Liberty Unyielding:

One delightful footnote to the story. Even though Cezanne was ejected from the plane, her luggage remained on board and continued on its way to Atlanta.

Imani sat near the emergency exit of the airplane. The people even closer to the emergency exit did not speak English and were asked to switch seats. While the people who were asked to move may not have known why, they still moved, because if a flight attendant says to move, then just move. It takes 30 seconds to comply and you still get to your destination.

The reason the people had to move was due to regulations put into affect about 26 years ago that state anyone sitting in the emergency exit area must speak English in order to communicate with the majority of passengers on the plane. Imani apparently then decided to cause a problem and stop minding her own business, start placing herself in a conversation that she was not invited to, then get on her phone and discussed things with a friend, and then the flight attendants asked her if “there was going to be a problem.” And you know how Black Lives Matter women are, they can’t do anything without a super loud argument.

Imani was eventually removed from the plane and I’m willing to bet the entire airplane erupted in a standing ovation so they could finally leave and stop listening to this lady’s wretched voice huffing and puffing about issues that she’s not even a part of.

I hope American Airlines bans her from traveling on their planes. No one needs a loud mouth ignorant person like that in their town and she makes Black Lives Matter groups look terrible. She wasn’t thrown off a plane because of her skin color, she was thrown off of the plane for her behavior.

There’s a huge difference and everyone knows it. Imane Cezanne is an embarrassment.

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