Virgin Mary statues BEHEADED and vandalized with “Allah”

Virgin Mary statues BEHEADED and vandalized with “Allah”

I don’t know how much time anyone has on their hands, but cutting the head off statues and spray painting them just doesn’t fit into my schedule this week. I have to go to Home Depot, maybe a little Bed, Bath and Beyond. I just don’t know if I can squeeze in beheading the Virgin Mary in Boston or cutting off it’s hands and writing “Allah” on it. Sorry folks. I can’t do it, but I know someone who can.

virgin mary statue beheaded

From Creeping Sharia:

Burlington Police Tuesday found three statues had been vandalized at St. Margaret Parish, The Boston Globe reports.

“Two statues, which sit at the top of a hill on the property, had their hands severed and multiple sets of rosary beads removed and scattered on the ground,” Burlington Police said in a statement. “The third statue, located near the rectory and depicting the Virgin Mary, had its head severed and both hands removed.”

Whomever did this deserves a harsh punishment and should be forced to pay for a statue replacement. This is disgusting behavior.

Frank Lea

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