Chinese Summer Solstice Means Death for Thousands of Dogs

Chinese Summer Solstice Means Death for Thousands of Dogs

Apparently the Chinese haven’t evolved past the point of consuming what most of the world consider to be household pets. Despite an outright ban by the government, dog meat is still consumed in record amounts during the Yulin Festival. This celebration has been dubbed “the festival of cruelty” by critics.


From Vice News:

Despite an official ban by the Chinese government, it doesn’t appear that the sun will set on the infamous Yulin dog meat festival anytime soon.

Held annually around the time of the summer solstice, the festival attracts thousands of tourists and locals looking to dine on dogs. Thousands of canines are slaughtered every year for the event. If dog meat doesn’t strike your fancy, many vendors also offer dishes made from cats.

Eating dog meat is not considered unusual in China, and estimates say 10 million dogs are killed for food every year. In recent years, the Yulin festival has garnered criticism both international and domestic. Activists have called for an end to the event, labeling it “the festival of cruelty” amid public health and animal welfare concerns.

Chinese tradition says eating dog meat brings good health and luck. Some also believe that eating dog meat can scare away ghosts and disease, as well as heighten men’s sexual performance, according to the South China Morning Post.

Will Kaku, from Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project, an animal rights organization based in the US, told VICE News that eating dogs is a Chinese “sub-culture” and not as widespread in the country as many think. Most Chinese people don’t even know about the Yulin festival, and they’re actually horrified at the practice, Kaku said.

I can’t believe people still eat cats and dogs. I find that to be personally and morally disturbing.

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