Homeless Man Finds Cash In Lost Purse — Returns It to Needy Single Mom

Homeless Man Finds Cash In Lost Purse — Returns It to Needy Single Mom

This may very well be the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever read. A homeless man finds a single mother’s purse, containing money and a very-much-needed EBT card. While he could have easily walked away with his new fortune, he did the honorable thing and found the woman and returned her purse not one dollar lighter.


From Addicting Info:

For a single mom, losing a purse with $400 in cash, all of her identification and her EBT card could have spelled disaster. For a homeless man, finding $400 in cash when he had no idea where his next meal was going to come from could have been a life saver.

When that exact situation happened in State College, PA, last week, things didn’t quite go as most people would have expected. There was no story about a woman devastated because her utility money was gone, her ID and debit card gone and an entire month

or more of an already difficult life destroyed. There was no story about a homeless man living large for a few days off of someone else’s misfortune.

The man, who didn’t want to be filmed or identified, was waiting to go to an AA meeting when he spotted the purse sitting on a park bench. When he opened it, he found the cash along with an Access card, an electronic benefits transfer card. He told WJAC6 that when he saw the EBT card he knew the woman was down on her luck, so he contacted a local homeless shelter who tracked the woman down.

“I have nothing in my pockets right now,” the man said.

We need more people in the world willing to be like this guy.

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