Clemson University apologizes for offending students…by SERVING “MEXICAN FOOD.”

Clemson University apologizes for offending students…by SERVING “MEXICAN FOOD.”

Sensitivity has reached reached an all time low when Twitter user @xoClemsonPanda was offended by Clemson University serving Mexican food, on MEXICAN FOOD NIGHT, and presenting it with decorations and sombreros.

clemson loser at mexican food night

Clemson senior Austin Pendergist felt the post-event uproar was “ridiculous.” This is something that Clemson Dining has done for years without any sort of backlash. People love the cultural nights in the dining halls,” Pendergist said. “What’s next? Are they going to take away all potato based food as to not offend students from Irish decent? Remove the stir fry station so Asian-American students don’t feel as if they are being misrepresented? When does it end?

When I see stories like this, I can’t help but shake my head and imagine how bad this poor girls life must be that she gets offended that her college went the extra mile to present a fun experience with Mexican food night. I am jealous that my college didn’t ever do anything like this in our mess hall. I would have loved to enjoy an event like this and would have appreciated where my tuition loan money went.

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But there’s always at one crybaby, and that crybaby has already deleted her Twitter account from all the backlash she rightfully received.

This girls unnecessary reaction would have you think Clemson was picking up Mexicans at Home Depot for yard work.

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