60 Minutes Says Putin is Challenging Obama’s Leadership. Then Obama Says This…

60 Minutes Says Putin is Challenging Obama’s Leadership. Then Obama Says This…

Delusional or arrogant? I’m opting for arrogant. In a preview of the 60 Minutes’ interview of Obama tomorrow, Steve Kroft asks Obama about Putin challenging his leadership in the world. Obama stutters. Twice. Then he denies it. Says Russia is bankrupt and propping up its only ally. Wrong. Russia is not bankrupt. They have funneled most of their money into their military to beef it up and Obama knows it. Putin plays global Risk like no one else. He’s garnered real estate rich in oil and gas. The energy sector may be suppressed at the moment, but no one should fool themselves into believing Russia isn’t self-sufficient. As far as Syria being their only ally. Don’t make me laugh. Iran and China are both part of the New Axis of Evil and on the ground fighting with Russia. Because Putin is viewed as a strong horse now, allies are lining up in the wings. He’s evil, but the world doesn’t seem to care. They want protection from ISIS.

Obama 60 Minutes

From Allen West:

Is President Obama delusional? Or just breathtakingly arrogant? Or both?

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Take a look at what our dear president said in the recording of “60 Minutes” — airing tomorrow night — and judge for yourself.

Via Twitchy:

Obama 60 Minutes1

In a preview of an interview that airs on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, President Obama told Steve Kroft that he doesn’t know “in what way” Russia’s Vladimir Putin is challenging America’s leadership in the world. Oh really, Mr. President? Ground troops in Ukraine and Syria don’t count as a challenge?

Apparently not. Here’s the transcript:

Obama 60 Minutes2

We’re “literally speechless,” too.

Obama 60 Minutes3

Obama 60 Minutes4

We assume the interview was taped before this morning’s announcement that the U.S. was cancelling its program to train the Syrian rebels that Putin is using for target practice, because this would be a great follow-up question:

Obama 60 Minutes5

Yep, the “60 Minutes” interview confirms the situation’s gotten bad enough that even liberal media are starting to see it.

Too bad our president doesn’t.

I personally believe Obama is complicit in all that is going on with Russia and is playing dumb. And does anyone ask themselves what Russia, Iran and China plan on doing after Syria? You think they will just go back to their respective corners and behave? Not a chance. They believe the world is theirs to divvy up and that’s fine with Obama. As far as ISIS goes, Russia can wipe them out and that would be a good thing. But who’s going to take on Iran? Caliphates abhor a vacuum. You can always tell when Obama lies… he stutters. What Obama is saying in this interview is patently false and ridiculous. Even the liberal media realizes it. Wonder if they have an extinguisher handy to put out his pants during the interview? Obama lying on 60 Minutes is not must-see TV for me.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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