Fiancee Refuses to Sleep With Her Man Until He Buys Her $20K in Plastic Surgery & a $100K Car

Fiancee Refuses to Sleep With Her Man Until He Buys Her $20K in Plastic Surgery & a $100K Car

Marriage is supposed to be about finding a partner that you love and can spend the rest of your life with. But for this crazy woman, it’s all about using sex to manipulate a man into getting what she wants.


From the Daily Mail:

A shopaholic has revealed how she makes her soldier fiance treat her to whatever she wants including designer shoes – she threatens him with a sex ban.

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Janey, 30, from Durham, says she can get her partner of five years Ross to buy her anything she wants by simply denying him action in the bedroom.

‘He knows not to say no. I will quite happily put him on a sex ban for one to three weeks which I have done in the past,’ she reveals on Channel 5 documentary Little Divas: Tantrums and Tiaras.

‘The power of a woman’s private parts is amazing to get what you want off men.’

With no steady income of her own, Janey loves to splash Ross’s cash on her designer wardrobe, expensive make-up and plastic surgery.

She has 100 pairs of shoes and has had cosmetic treatments worth £5,000 in the past six months alone.

Ross was a diligent saver for years before he met Janey in 2011 and she started eating into his bank balance. She said she has no qualms about being ‘a kept woman’ and spending his money.

She said: ‘Ross has always given me an allowance, it started at £60 a month. Last month I spent £3,000.

‘I could easily blow £15,000 in London. I admit I am a shopaholic. I find it relaxing and therapeutic.

If you are having a bad day shopping is amazing.

‘I am not a diva as in a B-I-T-C-H but I know what I want and I if I want it I get it, simple as that.

‘I do like being a kept woman but at the same time I get bored.’

Ross, 30, admits he has his concerns over his fiancee’s reckless spending.

He said: ‘I don’t think she grasps the concept of money, that it might not be there tomorrow.’

But he admits he ‘barely says no to her’ demands, which currently include £70,000 for a new Range Rover and at least £14,000 for more plastic surgery so she can have a body like Kim Kardashian’s.

Of her surgery plans, Janey said: ‘I want a tummy tuck and it would be rude to not have a big bum at the same time and perky boobs.

‘I want a “Brazilian Butt Lift” where they suck fat out of wherever you want and inject it into your bum, so it is recycling which is a good thing.’

The tummy tuck would cost £7,000 while the bottom surgery would be an additional £7,000 but Janey has been told by a surgeon that she can’t go under the knife until she has lost a stone and a half in weight.

Ross said he doesn’t think she needs to change her body but he is prepared to foot the bill ‘if she wants it to make her happy’.

However after meeting a financial adviser, the couple have been warned that their current outlays are £100,000 a year and they can’t carry on spending that way as it exceeds Ross’s income.

How humiliating it must be for this man to be so thoroughly emasculated on television for the world to see! You would think it would make him rethink his marriage, as this insane woman clearly is in it just for the cash, not for the love, even if it sends him into bankruptcy. Run, Ross, run!

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