How a Mom Solved Her Son’s Bedwetting Issue in Just 2 Weeks

How a Mom Solved Her Son’s Bedwetting Issue in Just 2 Weeks

Even after kids are potty trained, learning not to wet the bed at night can still be an issue for years. But this mom came up with a genius way to solve the problem.

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From Little Things:

Collin advises parents get three things: disposable bed mats, a bed-wetting alarm, and they should whip out the old baby monitor.

Each night, Collin set up a disposable bed mat to absorb any moisture. She connected the bed-wetting alarm that goes off once it detects any moisture. Her son is a very deep sleeper. Even when the alarm went off, he wouldn’t flinch. This is where the baby monitor comes in. Collin would hear the alarm go off through the monitor. She made sure to go into her son’s room, wake him up, change his underwear, and swap the mattress pad.

The first night she had to go into his room and repeat this technique three times. After a few nights, the alarm would go off less frequently. After two weeks, it didn’t go off again.

Many parents probably won’t be too happy about getting up throughout the night. But hey, if it works, then it might be worth it!

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