Ghost Car Commercial Was Never Aired When Unexplained Event CAUGHT On Camera! [VIDEO]

Ghost Car Commercial Was Never Aired When Unexplained Event CAUGHT On Camera! [VIDEO]

Advertising companies can come up with a lot of brilliant ways to sell their products. And because of this, commercials have become part of our culture, so much so that they’ve become an event in and of themselves at least once a year. But while there are a lot of things that help sell products, creepy ghost-like figures aren’t among them.

A British camera crew was filming a car commercial in the countryside. In it, you can see the car drive smoothly on a winding road, lined with trees. Soothing music plays in the background. It seems like the perfect advertisement. But something ended up being wrong.

The editor was watching the footage when he noticed something odd. As the car cleared one group of trees, something popped up on screen that no one noticed while watching it in person. There was a mist moving along the side of the road, that the editor couldn’t help but notice appeared to have a ghostly aura to it.

So the film crew began digging. After they did some research, they discovered something even more spooky: someone had been killed on that exact spot, years ago. They died in a car accident, right where the editor noticed the mist appearing. The crew was so freaked out, they decided never to air the commercial.

Still, the ad managed to get leaked onto the Internet anyway. And it’s become an Internet legend, with people trying to spot the “ghost” and debating whether or not the ghostly figure is real, or if it’s just mist. Now, you can see it and decide for yourself. Some scientists insist that there is no evidence for the existence of ghosts, but maybe this video will change their minds.

So, is it a ghost or not? Watch carefully and be sure to have your volume on — you’ll know when the ghost appears because the editor can very faintly be heard whispering about it.

Did you get fooled by the “ghost” in the video?? If so, don’t worry — you’re not alone!

“its ok i wasn’t planing on sleeping tonight anyways,” one commenter wrote. “Watched this for the first time over ten years ago. Headphones on, volume up. I jumped 3 feet,” another said. Even teachers are evidently in on the prank, according to this commenter, who wrote, “My teacher in math class showed me this and so many people got scared. I didn’t because just before math class, my friend told me about this…”

Another person decided to be funny and asked, “What happened to the car though?”

But for the best in pranking, check out this epic reaction:

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