MAGA! American Manufacturing Expands At Fastest Pace In Six Years

MAGA! American Manufacturing Expands At Fastest Pace In Six Years

Under President Trump, we’ve seen an economic explosion of the best type: Companies now have the confidence needed to expand in the United States, hiring more people and getting unemployed Americans back on their feet.

Data from the Institute for Supply Management indicates that in August, factory expansion hit its fastest pace since 2011.

Thanks, Trump!

ISM data paints an optimistic picture for the future and we can only pray that this trend continues well into the future. I could get used to this for the next four years.

The Monthly Purchasing Managers Index rose a spectacular 2.5 points to 58.8 total points, when economists believed that they’d see a reading of 56.5. So, what do these numbers mean? Well, anything over a total of 50 indicates growth. Also, it means that we’ve seen employment rise to its highest level since June 2011.

Exports and new orders have slowed since July, but are still showing signs of strong growth.

Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics was forced to report that manufacturing employment has increased the most since 2012.

These numbers indicate that third quarter growth may be even greater than previously anticipated. Many economists thought that we would be seeing a 4% growth pace right now, but we’re exceeding that by a good amount thanks to Trump’s “America First” policies dedicated to putting American citizens back to work and growing our economy.

Many people thought Trump’s stance on illegal immigration and bringing in refugees would be bad for the economy, but so far we’ve seen nothing but good things happening. Now of course he’s only been in office for a few months and this could absolutely change and we could go down and see another crash. Alternately, we could see the most growth in years and the economy could positively boom.

Only time will tell which direction we’ll take. That being said, all arrows are pointing up right now and I think we can all be glad about that.

H/T: Breitbart

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