Giant Alligator in Florida Drags Swimmer Underwater & Rips Her Arm Off At The Elbow

Giant Alligator in Florida Drags Swimmer Underwater & Rips Her Arm Off At The Elbow

With all of the animal attacks taking place in the water, I’m amazed people are still swimming in anything bigger than an above-ground pool.

An 8-foot alligator attacked a 37-year-old woman in a remote section of the Wekiva River on Saturday Afternoon. Luckily a brave canoeist came to her rescue, and beat her scaly attacker off with only a paddle!  The woman did lose her arm, but she could have lost a lot more had nobody come along to help.



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From The Daily Mail:

A woman reportedly had most of her arm ripped off by an eight-foot alligator as she swam at a popular Florida tourist spot.

The unnamed victim, said to be 37 years old, was enjoying the water in the Wekiva River, near Wekiva Springs, on Saturday afternoon when she was attacked by the predator.

Wildlife officials say the woman had left the busiest part of the river, near the Wekiva Island recreation area, for a more secluded spot when ‘something grabbed her arm’.

‘You just saw some blood and some bone. There wasn’t anything else there,’ said eyewitness, Richard Ward to the Orlando Sentinel.

The woman, who was conscious after the attack, said she was dragged under several times and felt her arm break.

Witnesses told the Orlando Sentinel that her limb was severed just below the shoulder.

Jakob Frick told the paper: ‘We see the jaws just chomp down on her arm, and it starts spinning around, pulls her underwater, goes back up’.

‘She’s just screaming… her arm was gone’.

But a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission could not confirm to how much of the arm she lost.

She was reportedly saved by a canoeist who heard screams, paddled over and beat the gator away with his paddle.

Professional hunters are tracking the beast now, and are likely to kill it.

The woman was pulled from the water taken by ambulance to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. She was in surgery Saturday afternoon.

The owners of Wekiva Island declined to comment.

Alligator attacks in which somebody is badly wounded are relatively rare, with fewer than ten happening most years in Florida. The last fatality in Florida from a gator attack was in 2007.

Thank goodness this woman is okay, considering. This definitely makes me think twice about swimming by myself.

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