GRAPHIC: The Moment She Squeezed a MASSIVE Zit on Her Back [VIDEO]

GRAPHIC: The Moment She Squeezed a MASSIVE Zit on Her Back [VIDEO]

Many people, when they have a gigantic mystery pimple on their back, choose to go see a professional to get it taken care of, like Dr. Sandra Lee — a.k.a., Dr. Pimple Popper. It’s the best way to ensure that the pimple, often a cyst or something slightly more serious than a zit, is completely removed. Otherwise, the pimple will likely just keep coming back. But still, other people think they can just take care of it at home… like this couple, who tried popping a massive zit and were shocked at how much gunk came out.


As they pop the pimple, tons of pus and white gunk comes out. Some of it even appears bloody. And the couple appears shocked at just how much comes pouring out. And even when they think they’re finished, they keep finding more gunk to pull out.

Viewers had a lot of thoughts on this video and to no one’s surprise, some of them brought up Dr. Pimple Popper herself:

sandra lee, where are youuuuu??

Sandra lee would have LOVED this one

How do you even get a zit that big?

Because this is sterile and safe….

stop wiping it, wear gloves and sanitize it

Maybe next time they have a pimple this huge, they’ll remember to go to a professional.

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