Jihadis Kiss Daughter Goodbye… Before One Walks into Police Station, Is Blown Up by Suicide Bomb [VIDEO]

Jihadis Kiss Daughter Goodbye… Before One Walks into Police Station, Is Blown Up by Suicide Bomb [VIDEO]

How does a parent willingly choose to kill their child? It would seem to go against everything in a parent’s heart. But when you’re a terrorist, your values are different, to say the least. Still, it’s more than a little horrifying to see these parents kiss their daughters goodbye for the last time, right before one of them walks into a police station and detonates a suicide bomb.


The footage shows the man talking to his children about how to carry out suicide attacks of their own, before a woman in a burka hugs them tightly. They sit before a black and white flag, with music in the background, as the man holds the girls in his arms and indoctrinates them about going on their own suicide missions.

The girls, believed to be aged seven and nine, both say “Allahu Akbar!” before they’re taken from the room. Tragically, the seven year-old girl, named Islam, was about to die.

On December 16th, she is believed to be the girl who walked into a police station in Damascus and detonated her own suicide bomb, killing herself and three other people. The fate of the nine year-old, named Fatima, is not known.

In the video, the mother is asked how she can send her young daughters to die in Jihad. She responds, “No one is young when it comes to Jihad, as every Muslim is supposed to participate in Jihad.” A second video shows the father asking the younger girl what she will do today and she responds that she will be carrying out a suicide attack in Damascus. He asks her, “You are not going to be afraid because you are going to the Heavens, right?” and the girl answers, “Yes.”

It’s not known what terrorist group this family belonged to. Sources say that when the little girl entered the police station, they thought she was lost. She asked to use the bathroom and that was when the bomb was detonated.

Seeing just how sick and twisted these people’s minds are is beyond horrifying. It’s awful enough to want to take innocent people’s lives, but to send your seven year-old daughter off to die for Jihad? There is not anything more evil than that.

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