Your Kids Could Be In Danger If You Hear Them Saying The Words “Blue Whale”

Your Kids Could Be In Danger If You Hear Them Saying The Words “Blue Whale”

A horrible, yet popular, game on the Internet is destroying families all across the globe. If you hear anyone in your family say the words “Blue Whale,” then be on red alert because something terrible might happen faster than you know.

The game is called the Blue Whale Challenge and it encourages people to commit suicide. The suicide game disturbingly targets teenagers who are often just on the cusp of figuring out their identity, dealing with puberty, learning how to cope with loss and going through emotional ups and downs as they grow towards adulthood. The Blue Whale game has taken lives of people who fell victim to the horrors of playing and we’re hoping that this raises awareness to readers across the globe.

According to reports, the game lasts several weeks and includes 50 challenges. Some of the dares are so bad that teens mutilate their own body and drink bleach. If teens last that long, then they’re faced with the last dare which is to commit suicide. Sadly enough, some teens fall prey to this predatory game that harms teenagers.

The teens are found on social media, chat rooms and various apps that permit communication. People are coerced or threatened into playing the game. The people who do are possibly tricked into playing.

The Blue Whale Challenge recently took the life of a Texan boy who fell victim to the game. He made it to the last dare and hung himself. He sadly live streamed his suicide using his phone.

A Texas family said they had no reason to believe that their son, Isaiah, was planning to take his own life.

“We had no signs at all. Isaiah was Isaiah,” Jorge Gonzalez told KSAT.

This young teenage singer was shocked when Keith Urban invited her on stage at his concert. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true.

But on the morning of July 8, Jorge found his son hanging in his bedroom closet. His cell phone had been propped up against a shoe and used to livestream the suicide

A family from Georgia has suffered the loss of their daughter to the Blue Whale Challenge and they’re going public with the story. They’re hoping they can spread awareness and help prevent other teenagers from falling victim to this sad game.

In Georgia, another family is going public with the story of their teen’s suicide, and they’re also speaking out against the Blue Whale Challenge.

The unidentified victim was a 16-year-old girl.

“It’s a real thing,” her brother said. “I lost my sister to it, or at least part of it. I would say by the looks of everything we found it’s a major part of it.”

“And there needs to be awareness, people need to know, parents need to know, to look for signs, to monitor their kids a little better,” he continued. “And try to know and understand who they’re talking to and when.”

Some people don’t believe this game exists, but if they spend a few moments to search it on Google, then they might be shocked about the horror stories they find.

The game is allegedly the creation of a Russian man named Ilya Sidorov. He supposedly lured 32 children with the intent of them committing suicide. The Blue Whale Challenge has taken about 130 lives and counting.

Hopefully this article gives some information as to how bad the game is. Parents should be aware of their children’s use on social media and look for signs that include weird dares or strange behaviors.

Please share this to raise awareness and help save lives of people who fall victim to the game.

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