Can You Get The Right Answer To This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle?

Can You Get The Right Answer To This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle?

Pat Sajak is at it again with his Wheel of Fortune trickery. This time a simple statement confused thousands of people as they got stumped trying to solve the puzzle. You only had to buy a vowel to solve this three word puzzle, but barely anyone could solve it on the first try. Not only could people not solve it right away, but they certainly provided numerous hilarious answers. Some of those answers were a bit on the naughty side, as you can only imagine.

The screenshot below was shared by a podcast on Twitter and it gathered over 40,000 likes and more than 13,000 retweets. Besides the likes and retweets, it also graced a rush of hilarious guesses in the comments/replies.

What do you think the answer to this Wheel of Fortune puzzle is?

Hundreds responded with their guesses to solve puzzle, which included the likes of “Suck it dork,” “Duck at work,” “Lick it fork,” “Pick at pork,” and even the nonsensical, “Return to Zork.”Some also offered inappropriate guesses.

Meanwhile, observers watched in amusement as people made their guesses on Twitter, consequently drawing even more attention to the tweet — even from those who don’t even like the show.

“I really appreciate all the replies and quote tweets of this with alternate jokes,” wrote the podcast host. “Can’t get enough of it!”

“[H]ahahahahaha why can’t I be watching when this sh** happens!?” one Twitter user replied.

I’m sure you can guess which funny, yet possibly inappropriate words people used that look like this: **CK. One can only imagine the funny variations of this puzzle.

My guess was “suck it work” because that’s usually something you might hear people say if they’re having a rough day at work. But that wasn’t it. My guess was rather close, but definitely not a winner. I immediately laughed when I saw that someone guessed “return to Zork” because that’s not even close. In fact, it’s not even the correct amount of letters. That person was so done with the game that they made up their own rules and threw Pat Sajak out the window. Forget your rules Pat, we’re playing our own version of Wheel of Fortune on Twitter.

The real answer revolves around somewhere you might be after a vacation. Imagine you have the week off and you go somewhere. Then you come home and what are you dreading? Or if you have a week off and you do a “staycation” where you relax, get things done and enjoy your time away from your job. Then the brutal day comes when you have to return to your duty. Or even this – you just had off all weekend. Now it’s Monday. UGH! Where are you? You’re back at work.

Such a simple answer was thwarted by our silly minds. Many of us thought weird or strange things, even funny and rude things. But nope. This was a simple request of something that lots of people do on Monday.

If you’d like to see more funny Wheel of Fortune fails, then type it in on Google and see what you find. Post the best ones in our comment section and share this with your friends.

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