Lady Storms Out of Diner After Manager’s Brutally Honest Piece of Advice [VIDEO]

Lady Storms Out of Diner After Manager’s Brutally Honest Piece of Advice [VIDEO]

For most parents, going out to eat is meant to be a special treat for their family. But some parents are seemingly incapable of parenting their children, leaving other diners irritated. When one manager stepped in and asked the mother to get her children to be quiet, things went very wrong.

The woman went out to eat at an unnamed restaurant with her children and her sister. Unfortunately, the kids were being loud and were bothering other diners. Complaints were seemingly made, because the manager eventually stepped in — and the women did not appreciate it.

One woman recorded the argument, while the other woman argued. “If you don’t expect to have families with children coming in here, how do you expect to maintain your establishment?” she asked. The manager held his ground, responding, “All I initially said was, ‘Can you try to keep the kids a little quieter?’ Then I walk away and you say ‘That’s eff’d up’.” He then continued to explain that he wasn’t trying to upset her, but merely was trying to ask her to keep her children quiet.

Instead of agreeing, or dropping the argument altogether, the mother continued to make excuses. She tried to claim that the kids were only talking to each other and weren’t being disruptive. “We have other customers in here, and you have to consider that, as well,” he said, noting that the kids were “screaming”. He apologized, but the mother threatened to call his supervisor. Instead of backing down, though, he told her to go right ahead — causing her to flip out even more, saying that he made her and her family feel “unwelcome.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you, I simply came over with a simple request,” the manager said. “You’re the one that started dropping f-bombs about the whole situation.” The woman’s sister retorted, “That is not the problem!” “But that is a problem,” the manager responded. The woman then tried to refuse to pay for her meal. “Absolutely you are,” the manager said. “You can sue me but you’re paying for it.”

Eventually, the manager walked away and the woman stormed out.

Do you think the mom was out of line?

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