Destruction Of Hurricane Harvey Came With A Message: We Remain United And Strong

Destruction Of Hurricane Harvey Came With A Message: We Remain United And Strong

Hurricane Harvey is set to leave a bigger disaster than Katrina did. 30,000 people are estimated to be homeless. 14 are known dead so far and that includes two great-grandparents and their four great-grandchildren who were swept away in a van and killed. The death toll is sure to rise greatly as the waters recede and bodies are found. A lot of this can be laid at the feet of the Democratic mayor of Houston who decided not to issue an evacuation order even though he knew the storm was coming a week in advance.

But the overall message from Houston is that people are good and caring. People have come from all over the nation to help Texans. They are bringing boats and helping night and day to rescue those in need. Some are using paddle boards, some are using kayaks… many are using boats. Texans are a tough, independent lot, but there are many that are helpless in the face of this tragedy. The very young and very old especially are at the mercy of the elements here. I’ve seen all kinds of men work until they drop saving people of all kinds during this. It’s the essence of America come to life.

From Breitbart:

After three days of Hurricane Harvey, the message emerging from Houston and the Texas coast is not one of chaos and destruction, but of collective strength, as Americans help each other survive through the worst of circumstances.

For once, cable news is not dominated by talking heads shouting at each other, but by images of volunteers, black and white, arriving in flat-bottomed boats to rescue neighbors from flooded buildings. Journalists are helping to direct emergency crews to save stranded drivers rather than encouraging enraged mobs to riot against the police.

And President Donald Trump, attacked for weeks for allegedly dividing the nation, is drawing attention to its unity.

At a joint press conference Monday with the president of Finland, President Trump said:

Tragic times such as these bring out the best in America’s character.  Strength, charity and resilience are those characters.  We see neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend, and stranger helping stranger.  And you see that all over.  If you watch on television, you just see such incredible work and love, and teamwork.

We are one American family.  We hurt together, we struggle together, and, believe me, we endure together.  We are one family.

President Trump has been offering support since the beginning and has put all our resources on call for Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has called out the entire Texas National Guard to help. Trump pointed out that we are one American family and that it is times such as these that bring the best out in people. You see that in Houston and it is inspiring.

America is united and strong. We are there for one another no matter what and as bad as Hurricane Harvey is, we will come back from it. It will take Houston years to recover, but Texans never give up. For a change, President Trump is being praised for how the government is responding to Hurricane Harvey. But it is the spirit of Texas and America that shines through all of this the most. People like the Cajun Navy from Louisiana and so many others who dropped everything and came to save people are the true picture of America. That’s the America I know and love.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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