Little Boys Terrified To Show Mouths After How Pregnant Mom Used Their Tongues

Little Boys Terrified To Show Mouths After How Pregnant Mom Used Their Tongues

Parents should be the first people dedicated to keeping their children safe. Unfortunately, there are some parents who, instead, are the ones to cause their children harm. In one disturbing case, it was a stepmother who committed absolutely unspeakable child abuse.

24 year-old Sara Anne Woody, of Texas, came under investigation when she brought one of her stepsons to a Wichita hospital after his lip had been injured. But the medical professionals there became immediately suspicious and alerted authorities. Police interviewed two of Woody’s stepsons and they told her horrifying stories of abuse.

Woody, who is currently pregnant, is married to Jonathan Darrell Woody. The couple lived with five children altogether, but it was two boys, aged 12 and seven, who appeared to get the brunt of the child abuse. Burkburnett Police Detective Donald Osborn said of the case, “I have never seen anything of this magnitude.” When he first saw the 12 year-old, Osborn thought he was only seven due to his small size.

In interviews with investigators, the boys told them that Woody had forced them to drink an apple cider vinegar “concoction,” which made them vomit. She also beat them, including forcing them to remove their clothes so she could hit them in the genitals with a belt. Woody would also sit in a recliner while forcing one of the boys to do push-ups and if he stopped, she would beat him on the back of the head and body with a paddle or a tent pole.

They were also forced to lick the inside of a toilet bowl, covered in human waste, if Woody believed they had been lying to her. She also would allegedly burn their tongues using a charcoal lighter. Woody’s husband is accused of knowing about the abuse and doing nothing. He has been arrested on three charges of child endangerment and one charge of tampering with a witness, while Woody is facing 27 charges of injury to a child, a charge of abandoning or endangering a child with imminent danger of bodily injury and two charges of tampering with a witness.

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